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5G Vs 4G: The Best Comparison Based Tech Guide

5G Vs 4G

Surfing the current best evidence through various platforms before starting a new field of study is a common practice in this century. Internet browsing usually occurs through mobile communication networks. These networks and browsing platforms are updating day by day to fulfill the community needs in different time periods.

Hence the word “generation” has come to the stage. It means there are different generations in these communication networks. Yes! It is the same as changing the generations of the living being. The 5G is the latest updated technology to improve all the dimensions of surfing through the internet. Earlier there were third as well as forth generations. What actually the purpose of designing this fifth one? Let’s take a few minutes to discuss this by analyzing the features of 5G vs 4G. After reading this, you will be able to make decisions on whether to shift for newly updated technology or to remain the same one you are enjoying at the moment.

3 major differences between 5G Vs 4G generations

Basically, we have to think of three major facts when analyzing the advancement of mobile communication systems. These are speed, latency, and issues related to mobile bandwidth. Let’s discover the differences between 5G and 4G technology in relation to these criteria.

The speed of browsing is really important here

The needfulness for introducing 5G technology raised with the increasing demand for browsing. When increasing the number of mobile devices which is trying to connect with the internet in a second, there should be enough capacity to provide adequate browsing speed. Even though this has increased by a hundred times more when you transforming 3G to 4G, it was not enough to fill this demand. Therefore, ultimately, 5G technology came to the discussion with 100GB/s speed. This is a thousand more than the 4G.

Low latency makes the technology more efficient

The word speed is not a much unfamiliar one for each and every person who uses the internet regularly. But actually, what is this latency means? This is the time duration you have to wait to receive the data which you requested from a sender. Usually, here, the sender means huge web stores which are releasing data for the internet. Definitely, the 5G has low latency when compared to the other two generations.

The differences in bandwidth issues

When increasing the bandwidth, that cellular communicative technology can connect a number of different devices with one server in a certain moment. Even though the developers expecting to solve all the issues that faced with 4G and 3G in relation to bandwidth by introducing 5G, there should be enough trials to clarify this in the future. However, the demand may increase day by day for a new generation beyond the fifth one!

What will happen for 3G; Now the trend is 5G Vs 4G, Not 3G!

Currently, 3G is an older version of mobile connectivity. The fourth one is the most popular connection these days. But, in some instances, the previous versions of mobile devices are not dealing better with the newest technologies like 3G. Hence, this technology will be in use for several years with their younger generations. Therefore, it is time to think beyond 5G vs 4G in order to find solutions for other issues that we could not be able to address through 5G.

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