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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: A Great Move to the Next Century

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the use of digital knowledge in order to make decisions or fulfil the tasks. Most of the people believe the medicine and the knowledge on the human body in relation to physiology, anatomy and biochemistry is one of the special tasks that can be done only with the help of mankind.

But, when digital technology gets advanced with the time, now we can see it has influenced the field of medicine into a significant level. There are various opinions on this concept called artificial intelligent in medicine. Some people think it as the thread for the future while some of the experts highly appreciating it.

What is the actual status of this? There is nothing anything that can be only controlled by robotic or computer without using the amazing power of human brains. Therefore, it is time to investigate the pros and cons of AI in medicine for a better solution for future medicinal needs.

What is meant by Artificial Intelligent in Medicine?

At once you may feel, the Artificial intelligent in the field of medicine means getting treated by robotics other than your general health care professional team. It is the biggest stranger feeling for us. Normally, the robotics do not have any feelings other than the very advanced ones made by using excellent human talents. Then, they can do any harm to us!

No! Actually, this is not the thing we consider as AI in the field of medicine. It is the use of digital knowledge in order to organize, analyse and take help when making final decisions on disease conditions. It can be done using a coding system, software or a mobile application.

Once we enter the data about a certain patient, the computer will store their details for future references. Not only that, it can generate medical history and related diagnosis in accordance with their sign and symptoms. Currently, this is widely used in radiology, telehealth and gait analysis in relation to sports physiotherapy in most of the developed countries. But, it should spread further for the benefits of mankind.

Will Artificial intelligent in medicine become a challenge for mankind?

There is a myth among health care professionals stating that the use of AI is a high-risk for their career life. But, it is not so. Everything is under the control of health care professionals. The digital decisions will be based on the inputs given by them. The AI is always helping them to organize the data.

Hence, it will save you time. You do not need to spend hours by looking at huge past histories of the patients. In addition to that, you can spend your time at the bedside of the patient. Hence, it is highly recommended to have AI in the medicinal purposes to reduce the workload on human resources. Ultimately, it will improve the quality of health services in the world.

The important take-home message

Use of artificial intelligence on medicine is a great move to the next century in order to fulfil all the health needs of a living being. It is not any risk factor for future career opportunities in health and medicine. We have to appreciate the newest knowledge and technology while gaining maximum output of it for the benefits of ourselves.

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