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Best Free Apps for Play-Money Poker

Best Free Apps for Play-Money Poker

Mobile gamers today have more options than ever before. From standard downloads to Steam Mobile, to Epic Games options, there are virtually countless experiences covering the full spectrum of games. With so many options, it’s fair to say there are great mobile games for just about everybody today. However, it’s also the case that some of the best options can go unnoticed.

This is certainly the case for play-money poker apps, at least where a lot of gamers are concerned. Understandably, many are under the impression that competitive poker games simply aren’t available in the U.S, and that instead, we have to settle for cheaper, repetitive arcade experiences. The truth however is simply that real-money poker platforms are largely unavailable. There are still numerous apps that provide competitive, online multiplayer poker experiences with “play money,” so that we can simply enjoy them as games. And because a lot of mobile gamers miss out on this fun corner of the poker world, we thought we’d identify some of the best options.

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Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is often the first app that comes up when you start looking into free-to-play poker options, and with good reason. It’s professionally designed with an attractive and intuitive interface; it has a large user base, which makes for reliable, steady competition; and as is conveyed in a concise but thorough review by, the game is packed with leagues, challenges, and events which make it feel like far more than your average poker app. As is the case with virtually any game in this category, Zynga can get a little spammy now and then. But this isn’t a particularly big problem, and all in all it’s an ideal mobile game for fans of Texas Hold’Em poker.

Appeak Poker

For those seeking a mobile poker experience and specifically interested in something on the casual side, it’s hard to beat Appeak Poker. This is another free option, yet it’s one that is almost the opposite of Zynga. While Zynga focuses on pairing smooth poker play with a variety of game formats and in-app experiences, Appeak basically allows users to open up the app and start playing. There’s less variety, but if all you want is the chance to enter virtual, multiplayer poker games at a moment’s notice, and you don’t want to be bothered by a bunch of different features, Appeak Poker may be the best option for you. Here again, the primary focus is on Texas Hold’Em.

World Series of Poker

This mobile game based directly on the most popular pro poker circuit in the world was actually developed by Electronic Arts. As you might expect based on that background, it’s a very smooth and well-made game and one that does a great job of simulating a sort of poker career (given that you can play your way up through various WSOP events, earning more play money and entering higher-stakes tournaments as you go). World Series of Poker also stands out, however, because while the main focus is on Hold’Em, Omaha is involved as well. has a handy guide to this variety of poker for those who might not be familiar with it. But as the said guide explains, it’s basically a twist on Hold’Em with just a touch more complexity and one that adds some welcome variety to this particular app.

Governor of Poker 3

Finally, for those who might enjoy a more playful mobile poker experience, Governor of Poker 3 is an excellent option. It’s a cheerfully animated, saloon-style poker game that plays out almost like a competitive cartoon, challenging you to rise from outskirts poker rooms to the tables of Vegas. It also packs a certain Wild West flavor, which has been linked to poker through everything from bigger video games like Red Dead Redemption to the actual history of cards in the United States. There are multiple types of (primarily Hold’Em) games to sit in on, and you can enjoy online multiplayer against friends or strangers. But in particular, if you want a just-for-fun poker app with some small sense of plot progression, Governor of Poker 3 is worth a look.

These aren’t the only free apps for play-money poker out there. In fact, there are several more. But these cover a variety of game styles and options and represent the best of an underrated category

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