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Best Plagiarism Checker Tool Online Free for Bloggers

Plagiarism Checker Tool Review

Copying the content is cheating and a crime; duplicative text can be found its way into any paper or content that you write. As you are working on any form of writing including blog posts and scholarly articles you have to make sure that no duplicative text is included.

Your work will be suspended if any plagiarized content is found. Whereas, in Blogging, plagiarism can cost you your followers or any legal action can be taken against you. With that in mind, you must be looking for the best free plagiarism checkers. 

Online plagiarism detectors such as Prepostseo provide online services of both plagiarism checker and a content optimization tool. For bloggers, uploading their content online by running them through plagiarism checkers can be a big help. Here is a list of free online plagiarism checkers for bloggers: 

  1. TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker 
  2. Prepostseo 
  3. Check-Plagiarism
  4. CopyScape 
  5. Viper 
  6. PlagiarismDetector 

TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker: 

Undoubtedly TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker is considered as a good free online plagiarism checker. It is offering quite a wide variety of advanced tools and features. This plagiarism detector is more advanced than other standard online tools. Its main feature is recognizing from where the original content was referenced.  As a blogger you can also instantly learn if you’re content has been copied.  


Prepostseo is a truly effective, free originality checker. It may offer fewer features than others, but for blogs or content writing, it works like magic. It detects any errors in your content prior to them being written. If you’re also looking to increase the SEO ranking of your website, then this is your best friend. You can download it for free from the internet. The best part of checking plagiarism is that it gives you suggestions for improving your writing. In addition, it searches for any spelling and grammar errors in the content. 


Another free online checker is here. It works just as well as any other premium checkers. It is easy and simple to use and will cost you nothing. Providing you easy and detailed instructions on how to check your content. Nothing additional is needed to run it. You can check your content phrase by phrase for a thorough search. Instant results are displayed if any plagiarized passage exists somewhere in your content. It is highly useful and essential for every blogger. 


It is an online plagiarism detector for bloggers, a popular and premium tool for free. It offers other modified functions in the paid version of the tool. It is a tool for reviewing web articles for your convenience.  


Viper, a free online originality checker and is even considered as the best alternative to Turnitin. It offers premium plagiarism checking service for free to all blog writers. It is windows-based software; therefore, it needs to be downloaded before you can use it. By scanning the web it looks for any document source to detect any copyrighted or plagiarized content. 

Plagiarism Detector:

It offers its services for no cost meaning it is totally free to use. Without changing anything it allows you to conduct as many searches as you wish. Simply copy and paste your content in the search box for it to check plagiarism.  This online software offers a deep and thorough check, giving you an extra layer of protection and plagiarism search. It also lists other additional result details. 

Why these to use these tools? 

It might amaze you, readers, that why well-known tools like Grammarly have been missed. It is on the grounds that Grammarly only permits limited inquiries or searches, as well as prohibiting you to check any content on a free account.  You have to use the paid form of Grammarly for getting your job done of checking copyrighted lines.  

Our list includes names that deserve more praise. These tools also have a decent notoriety, they permit you a sound number of searches per day, and these are all safe and secure. You bloggers must utilize any of these 6 free plagiarism checkers for detecting any plagiarized content in your blog writings. 

Do any of these tools offer premium features? 

Yes, most of the names mentioned in our list provide premium features in the free version. However, you may face some limited queries. Such as, prepostseo offers all its users to check their writings for free because it is their featured action. But it gives you a certain limited number of searches that are more than enough for most bloggers. However, if you still want to get unlimited searches per day, then you should be willing to buy premium plans so that the maintenance of servers can be ensured by the team. Almost all tools mentioned here also work in a similar pattern. 

Highlight some main functions of a plagiarism checker? 

The main functions of plagiarism checker include: 

  • Identifying the percentage of uniqueness of content. 
  • Checking plagiarism in any type of content; whether copy-pasted or uploaded as a document.  
  • They help in detecting all plagiarized lines, quotes, and phrases, in the content. 
  • Highlight any grammar or spelling errors, and give suggestions to correct them. 
  • Help bloggers generate content that is 100% unique so that the standards of modern writing and legality are assured. 

Can a blogger use these tools to increase the readability of their blog? 

Approximately a million blogs are written per day all across the globe. All have their own readers and associate to the different types of niches. The blog is considered the single most important element as a website. Blogs that are free of any copyrighted stuff are the ones ranked highest in the search engines. Being free from plagiarism issues help blogs grow and flourish. Hence, bloggers can use these easy, simple and effective tools to make their blogs bigger and better. 

Any difference between paid & the free versions? 

Lastly, we will let you know that the free versions we have listed here are some of the best tools to check plagiarism in your writings. But these are generally good enough to check plagiarism only. These free online tools may not offer you, bloggers, and much more advanced or modified features. There is most definitely a difference between the paid and free version. Users can enjoy advanced features in the paid versions. At the end of the day, if we think about it money does make a difference. However, it does not mean that only the paid tool can make a difference. The same tool has paid version may offer you’re a greater experience. But accurate results and ever-evolving extra features are also included in many free versions.

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