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CPUZ: Scan Your Computer Configuration

Scan Your Computer Configuration

Ever wondered what is the type of memory installed on your computer? Are you guessing whether all the memory slots are intact or functional? Without much difficulty, CPU-Z Application can become very useful at times.

The CPU-Z application is a tiny gizmo which after installation displays the properties of the hardware configuration of your computer in much detail and in real time.

The CPU-Z is a streamlined application and still has much more powerful features and the procedure to download and use the application is described here.

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How to Download and Install CPU-Z application?

CPU-Z application can be downloaded from here for free. The below picture shows the various options available for the user to download.

Downloading CPU Z for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit 300x208 1 2024
Downloading CPU-Z for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit
Download CPU Z Software 300x132 1 2024
Download CPU-Z Software

Select SETUP – ENGLISH (32-bit and 64-bit versions). The file then directly gets downloaded. It is a directly executable file. Double-click the file to install CPU-Z application software.

Accept the terms and conditions and choose a location to install and you are done. The application can be launched from the Start menu as shown in the figure.

Launching CPU Z 228x300 1 2024
Launching CPU-Z

Exploring CPU-Z Application Software

Once the application is launched, the default application view is as shown in the figure.

CPU Z Main Window 300x295 1 2024
CPU-Z Main Window

The following details are available in the main window (CPU tab): Three main sections namely – Processor, Clock, and Cache details are displayed.

The processor subsection has the Processor name, Code name, Package, and Processor technology, and others (Specification, family and subfamily, model, and Ext. Model).

The clock section has core clock speed, Bus speed, Multiplier, and QPI Link. The cache is a high-speed temporary storage space for the CPU to store instructions and data. The Cache field has L1 data, L1 Instruction, Level 2, and Level 3.

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The model example shows the name of the processor as Intel Core i5 480M with 32 nm technology. The core speed of the clock is 2631.68 MHz and the bus speed of 132.58 MHz.

CPU Z Memory Window 300x295 1 2024
CPU-Z Memory Window

The other main tabs available are caches, Mainboard, Memory, SPD and Graphics. D-Cache stands for Data cache and I-cache stands for Instruction Cache.

The Caches window shows the size and the descriptor type for L1, L2 and L3 cache types (It depends on the computer and other configurations are available depending on the computer configuration).

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The Mainboard tab displays the model and the manufacturer of the motherboard (Dell, in this example). BIOs, Chipset, and Graphic interface types supported by the motherboard are displayed mainly in this window.

The Memory tab displays the DRAM frequency in Real-time and other settings of the DRAM such as CAS# latency, RAS# latency, (CAS stands for Column Address Strobe and RAS stands for Row Address Strobe) precharge time, Row refresh Cycle time, and command rate.

The SPD tab displays the memory slots along with Module size, and maximum bandwidth, manufacturer, the part number of RAM, and the serial number.

The slot varies depending on the configuration. The Graphics tab displays the detailed information of the Graphics card installed and the memory capacity of the graphics card.

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The CPU-Z is indeed a resourceful yet small application which can give the entire computer details in real-time for the users.

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