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5 Email Marketing Stats To Prove Your Point

Email Marketing Stats

As part of your job as an email marketer, you need to understand that email marketing stats are key to proving your point. Most of us know that email marketing is a great way to increase sales and keep people engaged with your company, but it has to be done properly. Marketing stats and facts are things you should always consider when proving your point of view. Keep reading to learn what are pop ups, things to consider, and what you should know when discussing email pop ups.

What Are Pop Ups?

Pop ups are an email marketing method used to engage the user. They can be used as a lead generation tool if you provide a hint of what they can expect when they open. In the past, pop ups were considered annoying because no one liked it when suddenly a new window appeared on the screen.

Nowadays, pop ups are optimized for mobile devices, and people tend to see them in a better way. The main purpose of pop ups is not to look annoying or interrupt your work – but to bring something useful and important to those who want it.

Common Email Marketing Stats To Prove Your Point

The main thing you need to take into consideration is how your email marketing is performing. You can easily get an answer if you regularly monitor the data and look at what is happening with your email campaign. Reports showing insights and statistics are a good way to know what is going on with the performance and engagement of your subscribers.

Email Is The Best Funnel To Distribute Content

According to research, an email is the most effective way to get content at the top of the user’s attention. People don’t check their emails every five minutes. They check them when they have time to read and want to see something useful. That is why content distribution via email is so effective – because people open emails when they want to see this content. This stat makes sense if you focus on how you should do the best way email marketing service for small businesses.

You can use email as a channel to distribute your content in the right direction. For example, if you have a small blog, you can ask your subscribers to subscribe to your blog newsletter. On the other hand, if you have an online store and want people to visit your website, you can suggest them subscribe to your newsletter in order for them to get updates about the newest arrivals. Emails are great because they are focused and a straight-to-the-point marketing channel.

Personalized Emails Help To Increase Sales

You can use pop ups to present users with relevant offers and discounts. The data from the study clearly show how emails with personalized messages help generate sales. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that they can help send personalized messages, so they are a great tool to get more people interested in your products and services. Moreover, the use of personalization allows you to double your ROI on email marketing campaigns.

GIF Emails Are The New Norm

The fact that your email campaign looks better and more relevant because of the use of GIF images makes it easier for the user to understand what they are getting, and the message gets across faster. As a result, they will open it, check it, and read all the information they need in just one click. As a result, GIFs are efficient ways of presenting your messages and being great fun.

Always Consider Mobile Email Marketing

Email campaigns are becoming more and more mobile-friendly. People want to check emails on the go, so they use smartphones and tablets to do that. That is why you need to ensure that your email campaigns are optimized for this type of device. Keep in mind that there is a massive difference between mobile and desktop experience, as people tend to use their phones while they are doing activities on the computer or surfing the web.

As a result, when you want to use mobile devices for email marketing purposes, you need to think about customization and segmentation of your emails. It seems that mobile usage is only growing – so this is a useful thing to pay attention to.

Segmentation Is Worth The Work

Segmentation allows you to focus on your target audience and make sure that you’re sending them content they’re interested in seeing and reading. For example, you can ask them what kinds of offers they’re interested in and send an email with offers that match their interests in order to increase engagement.

Moreover, it helps you get new ideas for your campaign based on your audience’s response. As you can see, segmentation is a useful way to help you improve the results of your email marketing campaigns.

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The Bottom Line

In this article, we’ve seen some useful marketing stats that will help you prove your point when discussing email marketing with others. However, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that you need to track your email marketing efforts and see how your campaign performs.

There is a saying that says if you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it. There are tools and tips on how to monitor your email marketing performance in this article. If you want to make sure that your email marketing is working – you need to check the data, analyze it, find out what works for the specific type of audience, and continue from there.

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