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How to Choose the Right Digital Door Viewer

Choosing Peephole Camera System

More or less, many people which have encountered a digital peephole in a friend’s or family member’s house know the general advantages of having one for their houses but when it comes to choose and buying one for themselves they find it very difficult.

One of the main reasons is that there are so many models and types of digital door viewers in the market which make it a touch decision to know the right one based on one’s needs.

Here we discuss some of the main factors which could make it easier to choose the proper digital peephole camera for your house.


When you browse the market, three major types of peephole cameras would mostly grab your attention: fixed-on-door, detachable and standalone.

As the name shows, fixed-on-door digital viewers are fixed on the door and are very small. An external device could be used to store the recordings while these devices are used as external surveillance systems.

If you want to be able to install extendable display devices along with having wide viewing angles go for detachable cameras.

But if you want a system which visitors couldn’t detect is in place then you should choose the standalone type. That’s because no external wiring is necessary with these digital peepholes. In addition, in order to make you able to see who’s outside, they come with an LCD display and a doorbell.

Another important factor related to the type of the security camera is the wiring type. In other words, whether you want a wireless or wired camera depends on you and your requirements.

Wireless peephole viewers often provide users with a variety of useful features. For example, when you’re not home, video footages of the visitors and notifications could be sent to your laptop or smartphone. That’s possible due to the fact that these wireless cameras could connect to the WiFi network of your house.


Like most people, you would want a peephole system with easy installation which doesn’t require too much time for setting it up.

As examples of time-consuming and tricky installations, there are electronic peephole devices which need you to remove the old lens first and then replace the new device. Sometimes, the doorbell has to be replaced as well.

Another issue would be the power source. Although a device with its independent power source, such as battery, would be easier in terms of installation and not messing around with the wires, it would always keep you worrying about your electronic peephole running out of power.

So our recommendation would be to make a balance between easy installation and long-term maintenance and efficiency.

Integration with Smart Devices

These days, with so many smart items in our homes and offices, it’s difficult to add a new device which doesn’t interact with other household items.

Although it sometimes could mean more exposure to network security problems, but usually more benefits could be gained.

For example, in addition to answering your doorbell from anywhere you have access to smartphone and Internet, a smart peephole camera could offer other features such as cloud storage, intercom options, pre-recorded messages, video footages, automatic connections and so on.

So with an easily-integrated digital door viewer you have much control on your house and surroundings, even when you’re not at you home.

Quality and Screen Size

Compared to standard peephole viewers, electronic peepholes offer a large display and wider viewing angle.

So in order to better make use of these advantages go for models with larger displays – say, at least 3 inches – and also higher picture qualities. That way, visitors could also be better displayed on the screen as well.

Therefore you should always be sure to check out the screen resolution and camera quality before becoming more serious about buying a digital door camera.

Additional Features

You could always find more advanced features on more expensive models. 2-way communication, motions sensors, recording visitors, multi-device sync, and knocking sensors are just some of these extra options which aren’t provided by all models in the market.

When deciding to choose a digital peephole for your house, just consider features which you know would be useful for you in the long run. Otherwise, you’d face products which don’t necessarily fit your budget.


For many people, digital peephole viewers have become a necessity for living in a complicated and busy environment. They could make our homes much safer by allowing us to easily monitor our front door and keep potential unwanted people away. Here we tried to present a guide to help you decide the proper electronic peephole camera system for your house by knowing the different features offered by them and choosing based on factors more important to you.

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