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Do You Want to Sell a Mobile Phone in South Africa – 7 Easy Tips!

Sell a Mobile Phone in South Africa

Selling or buying g a mobile phone is a popular trade all around the World. Since this is the most primary ways of communicating with each other in this technical world, nowadays, many people have adopted to use a mobile phone. But, the most challenging part of trading a phone starts if it is a used one. Often, a brand-new mobile phone will receive for the customer with the added guarantees of the popular manufacturer. Yet, who knows what are the actual conditions of a used mobile phone?

However, still, some buyers are looking for a used cell phone other than a brand-new version. As we identified, this can be due to two reasons. One is an affordable price range. And rarely, the other one is lack of availability. If we talk honestly, we know, a used phone will never pass the market value of a brand-new device. Thus, we have to accept that the used phones are available for reasonable price tags.

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Well, no matter where are you going to place your trade, you should follow the following tips to sell it faster than the normal process. Here, you will find what are the special tips you have to follow regarding the mobile phone selling around South Africa.

4 Tips to Follow Before Sell Your Phone in South Africa!

If you are a first-time seller be careful not to be a cheater. So, keep in mind to follow these steps before selling your mobile phone.

  • Analyze how valuable it is!

Yes! Before handing over your preferred mobile phone for another buyer you should have a self measure about how valuable it is. Otherwise, it will not be a successful trade.

  • Look at the minorities than the brand-new device

Especially, if you are thinking of selling your Phone or MacBook, do not forget, the Apple tech giants are adding new inclusion day by day. So, your device may be in thousands of footprints behind than the new version trading in the market. But, still, it has a superb level of market value as it is one of wonderful tech creation in the World.

  • Find demanding marketplaces!

Often, you will find several local marketplaces around South Africa. But, here we would like to suggest you think beyond tradition. It means, nowadays, online trading is a popular method for the second-hand market. Often, the buyers have lined up in front of those online marketplaces to find their favourite tech inclusions.

  • Customize an attractive advertisement!

The truth is, now, you have all the data for an eye-catchy advertisement. But, you should be creative enough to list down all those in a given order for a marketable outlook. In this case, you may also seek help from a skilled designer. But, often, the majority of so-called online platforms will also be ready to help you. Thus, take the advantage of that.

3 Things to Keep in Mind After Placing Advertisement!

Well, best of luck. We hope, up until now you may be able to understand how to customize your advertisement for a smarter selling purpose. Here are the few tips to keep in mind until you finish your selling.

  • Often, you will have to pay for the advertisement!

Yes! That is their profit. But, those online marketers will not exceed their limits of trading. So, this small payment will be an investment rather an expense to sell your mobile phone. However, if you deep search over the marketplaces, you will find an array of platforms which allows you to sell your phone free of charge.

  • Include the details as much as possible

The buyers will not satisfy with the descriptions. Actually, they need details and photos to see whether the mobile phone is under their preferred conditions. So, remember to list down details as much as possible.

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Further, adding a few photos will be added advantage. But, if you can and if the trader allows you may add a video by describing it’s an original condition for better communication.

  • Add value-added accessories

Often, this is a tricky point among most of the second-hand mobile phone sellers. It means people need some more accessories to accept it as a reasonable offer. Sometime, adding the original charger, hand free and box will add it an extra value than it’s original condition. So, be ready to add some accessories to highlight the value of the device you are selling.

Finally, be always ready to be negotiable with your profit!

Definitely, the buyer will ask for negotiation at the endpoint. So, if you are going to sell your mobile phone always be ready for offers. You must keep this in mind when you are customizing your advertisement itself. Thus, we suggest you add at least ten to twenty percent of charge than the normal value you are expecting. Hence, you can offer them up to twenty percent of the price deduction. It will make them happier and will place the purchasing order without any other objections.

The final bits!

Selling a second-hand technical device is not an easy task at all. But, if you or your seller can follow some tricky points extracted through this technical pool, it will not be a challenge too. Thus, we suggest you use these tricks to sell your mobile phone faster.

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