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8 Top News Applications to Stay Up to Date

Top News Applications

You can download every news app available if you want to stay up to date on current events. But that would be too much.

Instead, choose a fantastic news aggregator to make your life simpler. Here is a list of the top-rated Canadian news apps ranked by freshness, social media followers, and traffic.

Google News

This is one of the best free news apps to gain access to a wide variety of articles.

This app has a user-friendly interface and a modern look that attracts the attention of consumers.

It is designed to make your news-reading experience more engaging and enjoyable. The developers work on making the design fresh and relevant.

Larger stories include the Full Coverage panels which offer readers a variety of sources with relevant videos, tweets, and breaking stories.

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When you open an article to read, it is possible to access more relevant data on this topic by clicking the full coverage icon.

Hence, there is no need to manually scroll and look for similar articles as you may use this function for getting similar stories on the go.

CBC News

This is a suitable app for Canadians which delivers the latest news and articles about events across Canada.

You may also find videos from CBC News and The National, international news, and much more if you download this app.

The CBC news app offers in-depth articles as well as breaking news alerts. This app allows readers to gain quick access to new information on what is currently happening in the world, in the country, or their province.

There are several interesting features including news alerts, a lock screen widget, breadth of coverage, as well as in-depth coverage.

News alerts allow readers to obtain push notifications for relevant stories. You can look at the latest headlines on your lock screen for fast access to the top-rated stories.

The breadth of coverage feature allows for reading local, national as well as world news.

Apple News

This news app offers trusted sources of information, relevant and updated materials, and the latest news. The sources are customized and personalized for each reader.

If you select an Apple News+ subscription, you will get access to leading world newspapers and dozens of premium magazines.

Top stories and articles are delivered multiple times a day. You can read reliable and relevant news from various publishers. This app will offer suggestions based on your preferences.

Choosing your location will let you scroll through the local news in your province, featuring different publishers with news on sports, culture, politics, dining, and more.

Canada Breaking News

This news app is great for getting the latest headlines and breaking news about Canada.

You get access to live breaking news, top headlines, local news, and relevant information from territories and provinces across Canada.

Your data is stored safely. Security practices and data privacy can vary based on the reader’s age, region, and usage.

It’s helpful to read news and updated articles from different sources and publishers through this app.

Financial Post

The news can be read on iPhone and iPad. The best columnists offer relevant materials on demand. Whatever topics you like, you will be able to find articles about anything. There are video and photo galleries.

You gain access to market data in the palm of your hand, breaking news alerts, the latest updates via email, and demonstrating award-winning videos and photos.

You don’t need a subscription to enjoy multimedia features and the latest stories if you are an iPhone user. The free version includes 10 free articles for 30 days.

Those who want to have unlimited access to the Financial Post on their iPhone or iPad should get a Financial Post home delivery print subscription. The monthly subscription cost is $9.99 plus applicable taxes.

CTV News

This is another suitable news app for the go. It allows readers to customize their experience and obtain news as they want it. You can access award-winning photos and articles at any time.

Besides, you may read daily topical stories from international correspondents and CTV News journalists.

Watch live coverage from any location in Canada or overseas. This app includes a 24-hour news channel and the most-watched national and local news programs in Canada.

Toronto Star

This is one of Canada’s biggest online news apps. It covers the latest local news, entertainment, sports, business, etc.

You will also find international articles and new stories in it. Enjoy watching relevant news with customized preferences. Stay current with business and sports news using this app.

It has the largest readership in Canada today. Apart from this app, you may find relevant information on the web platform of the Government of Canada.

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Journal de Montreal

This is the digital version of the Le Journal de Montreal in the country. The app lets readers access the latest news that is also published in the newspaper.

You can get a monthly subscription to enjoy the app to the fullest and gain access to all features. The app is user-friendly and can be viewed on your cell phone or tablet.

You can read special sections, find relevant articles according to your preferences, find images, and even share the articles you find with your friends on social media.

To take full advantage of this news app you will need to have a Journal de Montreal account. The monthly subscription cost is $8.99.

The auto-renewal can be turned off in your iTunes Account settings if you don’t want the subscription to be renewed automatically.

The Bottom Line

According to the forecast from Statista, the number of smartphone users in Canada is estimated to reach 32.67 million in 2023.

Number of smartphone users in Canada from 2018 to 2024 (in millions)

These top news apps will help you stay informed about the latest events in the country as well as worldwide.

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