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What Is Keeping Your Property from Selling?

This article delves into the common factors that may be hindering the sale of your property, from pricing and presentation to marketing strategies. Discover insights on how to address these issues and increase the chances of a successful property sale.

What Is Keeping Your Property from Selling

Has your real estate property been on the market for a while without any kind of interest generated? You haven’t received a single phone call or walk-in, and you are getting worried. Or maybe you have had some interest, but after months of waiting, no one seems to be serious about purchasing your property.

There might be a few things holding back your property from selling, and we want to help you identify some of those problem areas.

Maybe you overlooked one of these or you didn’t think it might be a dealbreaker. Here are a few of the most important issues to deal with if you want your property to sell.

Electrical and Plumbing Problems

We tend to love our homes, and we overlook the flaws that other people might see. While we might not think much of a small leak or a light switch that doesn’t work, a potential buyer can see those as indications of a larger problem.

You may love your house despite its flaws, but those looking at your house as a potential purchase will be looking for defects and reasons to move on and consider another house.

If they see one faulty plumbing fixture, they may assume that there are others. If they find one switch that doesn’t work, they might think it is one of many. No matter how you may assure them, they may never be convinced.

It is best to fix these issues before you invite anyone to look at your house or you put it up on the marketplace to sell. If necessary, call an electrician and a plumber to come and look the house over and to fix even small issues that they find.

Your home will have a much greater resale value and will be much less likely to chase away potential buyers.

A Dirty House

A used home should look as new as possible. You want your property to be inviting and to feel like a place that people could move into right away.

You don’t want them to second guess whether they should buy, and therefore you ought to ensure the house is as clean as possible while it is on the market.

If you are living in it, of course, it will be harder for you to keep it clean, but you need to do your best.

A Los Angeles cleaning service can take the pressure off of you and keep your home looking presentable for visitors. Your home should look like a showcase every time someone comes to see it. If you can’t keep up with all the cleaning that needs to be done on your own, then consider hiring a professional cleaning company.

It can be worth the extra expense to ensure that your home is appealing to potential buyers.

It would be wise to opt for a deep cleaning so that your home looks as spotless as possible.

You will make a much better impression with a very clean home than you would with one that has undergone only a modicum of tidying.

Pricing Too High

Another problem that we commonly see with homes that simply won’t sell is that they are not priced according to the current market value. This is especially true with properties listed without an agent.

The seller may not be aware of current values or may be using a bad qualifier to set the value.

For instance, the seller could be thinking about how much they paid for the house initially and feel badly if they were to receive any less.

They might think of their real estate as an investment as they try to sell it, even though they didn’t treat it like an investment early on or during the time they owned it.

If you want to sell your property and it just isn’t happening, the first factor to look at is the price.

You can check current market prices and see how yours compares, keeping in mind that you should be comparing it to homes with similar features.

If you do change the price, be sure to update every place you have the property listed.

Poor Staging

Making your house look attractive is about more than just cleaning it up. You also need to make it feel livable and beautiful. This is going to require careful staging.

That is a real estate term that refers to the presentation of the home, and not everyone is capable of making their own home look well staged.

In order to present your home properly, you ought to consider where furniture is placed, how much light you are letting in the windows, how accessible everything is in the home, and how the décor enhances or detracts from the home’s overall look and ambiance.

You should at least consider the notion of having your home professionally staged. This can be a one-time expense, and it can make a huge difference.

Once you see how the professional prepares your home for resale, you can keep it staged that way on your own from then on.

Proper staging can mean the difference between disinterest and immediate interest from prospective buyers.

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Deficient Marketing

Has your home been marketed properly to ensure it is presented well to buyers and to put your ad in front of as many eyes as possible? You may want to save money and do the bare minimum of putting up a sign on the front lawn.

Most initial real estate interest happens online rather than in front of your property. You will greatly expand your marketing reach and your buyer potential by placing ads online and in print.

You can list your property in the newspaper and on real estate websites. That expands your buyer pool from the few who drive by your house to the many people in the area who are searching for homes online and in print publications.

You will definitely increase your chances of making that sale and speed up the process so that you aren’t waiting so long to have your home bought up.

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