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Best 3-Player Card Games for Three Person to Play at Home

Best 3 Player Card Games

Millions of people like playing card games because they are entertaining, require ability and can be enjoyed wherever convenient, whether online or off.

The lack of participants in games that need four or more players, particularly in a physical venue, maybe the sole restriction users encounter while playing card games. 

There are three-person card games for three players; all you have to do is choose the one your team will like the best playing.

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22 List of 3 Player Card Games: Top Person Card Games for Three to Play at Home

As the name suggests, three-player card games are cards that three or more people can play. But playing card game for three people also has a special place in terms of friendship, as the social side of play is emphasized.

Due to the longer time between turns, there are many more interactions in 3-player card games than in the more serious 2-player games.

This is why three-player card games are so popular in public places such as cafes and family events.

Top Person Card Games for Three to Play at Home

01. Hearts

Hearts is a trick-taking card game usually played with four players, where the objective is to avoid certain cards that carry penalty points, such as hearts and the Queen of Spades.

To play with three people, one common variation is that each player is dealt 17 cards, and the two of diamonds is removed from the deck, resulting in a total of 51 cards for the game.

You can play on in a bold and colorful format, offering a helpful guide explaining the rules and strategies of this popular card game.

02. Spades

Spades is a popular card game that was invented in the 1930s, the objective is to accurately predict the number of tricks a player or team will win each round.

To play with three people, one common variation is that a dummy hand is added to the game, with the cards face-up on the table and the three players taking turns to play for the dummy hand as well as their own.

03. Gin Rummy

This is the best 3-person card game on the list-fans of playing cards like playing traditional card games such as Rummy.

There are several different iterations of the card game Rummy, but the one played the most often in India is called Indian Rummy.

Gin Rummy is likely the most well-known version of the card game Rummy, which has long been considered one of the greatest card games.

The game belongs to the category of matching games, and the objective is to create a better hand of integration by drawing and discarding cards in the appropriate order.

The game may be won by “knocking” when the cards that have not been matched are compared to determine the score.

How to play Gin Rummy

Rummy is often played on tables with two, five, or six players; however, this card game may also be played with only three players.

In the game version for three players, each participant receives a hand of seven cards, and the intention is to be the first player to discard all of the cards in one’s hand.

The players must combine their cards into sets consisting of three or more cards that all share the same value or are ordered sequentially using the same suit.

The rules that must be followed to win the game might change somewhat depending on the version being played.

04. Authors

This is a great card game to play with your kids. Take it, in turn, to respectfully ask the player to your right for the card you want, and if they have it in their possession, they are required to give it up!

This card game is fun since it requires conversation, and things can become cheeky during play. Even very young children can understand and follow the game’s rules.

How to play Authors

Each player asks for a certain card by ranking and suit, starting with the person on the dealer’s left. Give the Queen of Diamonds, for instance. The opponent must turn over the card if they still possess it.

As long as the player gets the desired card, their turn continues. In such a case, the turn is made to the left.

A player lays his cards face down as soon as he gathers four cards with the same rank, as four 3s or four Queens.  The game is still in progress until enough cards have been dealt.

05. Bluff

Another really easy and entertaining card game that generates plenty of laughter and additional accusations is Bluff, sometimes known as BS. The game’s objective is to use deception and cunning to get rid of all of your cards.

How to play Bluff

The important and existing strategy that will allow you to win this game is to be intelligent enough to bluff other players and recognize when other players are bluffing.

It is maybe played with anywhere from three to ten people using a conventional deck of 52 cards, including jokers.

After each player has been dealt the same number of cards, the first player must declare which cards he will play and then turn those cards face down.

If the subsequent player believes that the action being taken by the first player is a bluff, they have three options: they may pass, play their move by laying their cards face down and proclaiming that the cards are of the same rank, or they can ask to see the first player’s cards.

If the player who challenges the cards of the preceding player discovers that the person was bluffing, the preceding player is required to give back their cards.

If the first player correctly declares the cards, the second player is obligated to choose each of those cards.

06. 99

All age groups enjoy the challenge and entertainment of trick-taking card games. The 1967-born Ninety-Nine card game is one of these three-player card games.

The game is very well-liked due to its distinctive requirement that you remove cards before placing a bid.

How to play 99

Normal trick-taking guidelines apply throughout the play. If possible, players should follow suit. However, any card may be used. The highest card wins the trick in the lead suit; whoever won the prior trick advances to the next one.

Each trick won results in 1 point with regards to scoring. A bonus is awarded to your score if you win the exact number of tricks you bid. The bonus is determined by how many other players were successful.

The person with the greatest score is typically proclaimed the winner after nine transactions have been completed in a typical game.

07. Poker

Even when there are other people at the table with you, you may still have a nice time if you play poker or any other card game. This is one of the greatest things about playing card games in general and poker in particular.

The game’s player population has decreased significantly over the last several years, even though it has grown to great popularity over the previous two decades.

This is another card game for three people and a possibility that adherence to the regulations is not what deters potential new participants. Poker’s relatively significant house advantage is not something that fazes players who take the game seriously.

This means that players cannot affect their winning chances as much by applying their abilities and expertise as they formerly were able to.

How to play poker

When starting this game, each player receives three cards, and the dealer receives two cards with their backs turned down. The value of the player’s payout is determined by the quality of the poker hand he has.

Two times throughout the game, the participant can withdraw their stakes. The first opportunity arises when the player inspects the cards in his hand.

At this stage, the initial card that all players will share has not yet been seen. Players are given a second opportunity when the communal deck’s first card is turned over.

The second card that all players share has not been seen yet. When the dealer’s two cards are shown to the player, the player may have all three stakes in play.

08. Go Fish

Go Fish is a famous card game that has been around for a long time and is ideal for three people to play together since the ranking of the cards is irrelevant. Because of how simple the rules are to follow, both children and adults enjoy playing this game.

The achievement of this game is to amass a greater number of books than your opponents. The creation of books requires grouping four cards with the same value.

How to play Go Fish

After choosing the first person randomly, the action continues around the table in clockwise order.

The player who is now “at the turn” is required to choose an opponent and inquire of that player as to whether or not he has a card with a certain rank, such as a 9.

If the player has cards of that rank, he is obligated to hand over each and every one of them to the person who asked for them. When a player turns, they can ask the same opponent or another player about another rank.

This continues until the opponent who was asked no longer has any cards of the required rank, at which point he declares “Go Fish,” and the player whose turn it is must pick one card from the deck.

Only rankings the player already has in his hand are available for the player to request. This is relevant to your hand, and what cards you have, so you need to be cautious about letting other people know too many of your cards to prevent them from having an advantage.

A player with a strong memory may determine the game after only one turn. Having many cards may be an advantage in the game’s late stages.

Nevertheless, you should know that it can damage friendships by preventing other players from completing their books too often.

09. Drunk Jenga

Compared to traditional Jenga, Drunk Jenga is far more entertaining. One of the easiest drinking three-person card games is drunken Jenga, which more than two people may play. Write down what has to be done on regular Jenga pieces.

How to play Drunk Jenga

Write things other than drinking on some of the pieces. For example, use your hand that you don’t normally play with to play the next piece, or rotate your body in five different circles already when you play your next round.

If you don’t have any gameplay pieces, but you do have drinking pieces, all three players will either get the worst hangover of their lives or die. If you don’t have any gameplay pieces, but you do have drinking pieces, you can’t play the game.

Consuming alcohol is a journey, not a race, and it’s not entertaining to see who passes out first. Maintaining status is going to be achieved.

You will drink when you draw a piece that tells you what to drink and when you are the one who brings down and turns the pieces over.

10. Crazy 8s

When you play card games like Uno, you know what you are getting yourself into. The card game Crazy Eights is somewhat similar to the well-known game of Uno.

Each player receives a hand of five cards, and the game’s objective is to get rid of one’s hand before the other players.

How to play Crazy 8s

The deck consists of 52 normal playing cards and no jokers. Each player is given five beginning cards, and the remaining cards are shuffled together to create the discard pile.

The top card of the discard pile is turned over and put next to the pile. Each player can add a card to the pile if the card matches the currently face-up card in either rank or suit.

For instance, if the card now exposed is a five of hearts, the player currently making their turn may put a five-card of any suit or a heart card of any rank.

In the event that the player does not have a playable card to discard, he takes the card on top of the discard pile that is face down and then finishes his turn.

There are unique playing cards in the game, which increase the amount of entertainment and enjoyment that may be had. Those cards, except for the 8, are the only ones that may be played if they adhere to the requirement of matching either their suit or their rank.

11. Old Maid

Old Maid, also known as Black Peter, is a relatively easy card game that can be played by the whole family and is a lot of fun for both children and adults.

You need a regular deck of 52 playing cards, but one of the Queens should be taken from it.

Because the point of the game is to have an odd number of cards, you may make the card that was discarded into a Jack, a 2, or any other card you like. Nonetheless, the game requires that you have an odd number of cards.

How to play Old Maid

The rules are fairly basic. Each of the three players receives an equal distribution of the cards. The players get all 51 playing cards in a random distribution, and their objective is to form pairs consisting of two cards of the same rank, then get rid of those pairs until they are down to a single card of any rank.

The dealer makes the initial move, and then each player turns, beginning with the player on the left and placing a card, any card, face down in front of them.

The player to your left can form a pair with that card and then discard it. The remaining players compete against one another until there is only one person left, who is the loser.

12. Skat

This is another easiest 3-person card game. Skat is an excellent option for you and your pals to play if you are interested in doing something a little bit more difficult since there aren’t that many trick-taking card games for three players.

If you are familiar with the rules of this game, you will have an excellent starting point for learning this game since several of the game’s components are quite similar to Euchre.

The game’s goal is for players to eliminate their cards by completing those that came before them, but if they are unable to accomplish so, they must draw cards from the deck.

How to play Skat

Each player is handed ten cards at the start of the game, and the last two cards are laid face-down to create the Skat.

Next, two players compete in a bid against one another, and the winner of the first bid then places a second bid against the dealer.

The highest bidder has become the declarator and has the option of deciding whether to see the Skat or not. The declarator has a choice of seven trump suits.

The declarator is required to achieve a higher score than the other participants while also covering the initial points bid. The Skat card gameplay might be a bit challenging for new players, but the fun is endless when you get the hang of it.

13. Golf 

Golf is one of those amazing and easy yet highly entertaining card games for three people who don’t need any special talents and don’t require much work to play effectively. The majority of the outcome depends on random chance.

The game is played using a conventional deck of playing cards and maybe participated in by more than three individuals simultaneously.

How to play Golf

There are several other iterations of Golf, including 4-card and 6-card Golf. The game known as “6-card Golf” is played using two decks of playing cards, each containing 52 cards, and each player is given six cards at the beginning of the game.

The participants are required to shuffle their hands and turn over just two cards from their hands at a time.

Each round, the players draw new cards and eliminate old ones to bring their total number of cards down. The participant who finishes this entertaining game with the fewest points overall is declared the victor.

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14. Cribbage

The most fundamental version of the game, known as Cribbage, is ideally suited for three players.

The fact that a version can be played with three hands, which is just as enjoyable as the standard game, justifies its inclusion in our post on the greatest games for three players.

How to play Cribbage

You may have difficulty getting the idea of the game at first, but once you do, you’ll find that you have a great time participating. To reiterate, it is not one of those card games for three players that you can simply make up and expect other people to know how to play.

On the other hand, learning how to play does not take too much time. Your pals who like playing card games will have a lot of fun with it, particularly given that it uses a board and pegs.

15. Sergeant Major

The card game Sergeant Major has three players. It is a trick-taking game. The objective of each round is to come out on top and win the most potential tricks.

During the first round, a dealer is selected randomly, handing out all of the cards, except for the 4.

This card is turned over and put to the side as a hoof. Each of the three players will have 16 cards in their hands.

How to play Sergeant Major

The dealer must then determine the trump card. He must choose one of the four suits. However, announcing “no trump” is permissible in certain game variants but against the basic rules.

After the dealer selects the trump, the talon is displayed to all players and collected by the trump announcer. He must then discard four cards, leaving him with sixteen.

Following the formation of the discard pile, the dealer deals the first card, followed by the player seated to his left. Players must follow suit if feasible, although it is optional to play the trump if they cannot.

Each trick is placed where it can be readily tallied. After 16 rounds of play, each player must tally many tricks he has earned.

The dealer who chooses the trump has a goal of eight tricks, the player to his left has a target of three, and the player to his right has a target of five.

A player receives additional points if he does more feats than his goal requires. The player receives minus points if he achieves fewer tricks than his aim.

16. Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the casino games shown in many Hollywood films. Since it is a guessing game and requires just 36 cards from a regular deck, it is not very difficult to play. 

There is no correlation between this game’s number of participants and cards. In this card game, only two hands are played, each receiving two cards.

How to play Baccarat

Because no strategy is involved and the game is decided entirely by chance, it is an excellent choice for those just starting in the casino world.

Although it is possible to count cards to gain an edge in a game, there is no assurance doing so would result in a positive outcome for you.

When playing Baccarat, the group of players does not directly correlate to the cards handed out to each player. There will only be dealt two hands, with each of two cards.

The game’s goal is to get a score that is as nearly nine as possible. First things first, you need to decide on whether you will wager on the player side or the banker side.

17. Quarters

The traditional drinking game is called quarters. Two players compete against one another by bouncing a quarter off a table and watching to see where it lands.

Typically, the quarter will land in a shot glass on the table. The player responsible for throwing the quarter is known as the “shooter.”

How to play Quarters

In some variations, the glass that the shooter is focusing on is empty, and each player uses a different glass to drink from. In other variations, the one that the shooter is trying to focus on contains an alcoholic beverage.

Regardless of which variation you select to play, the objective is to be the first player to empty their glass. When a player is stocked up, they are required to take a shot at the object of their attention.

When a player with a shot glass is doubled, the player in front of them receives the quarter in their glass and hands it to the player in front of them while the person in front of them is still attempting to make the quarter.

When someone doubles you, you will partake in alcoholic beverages.

18. Slapjack

A slapjack is a group of easy card games for three people. The game was based on Egyptian Ratscrew and is fun for people of all ages.

So, it is also a great card game for three people to play.

How to play Slapjack

The players compete to claim possession of the cards by slapping their opponents in the face. In the beginning, each player receives the same amount of face-down cards in their hand.

Players take turns playing the top card from their hand in the middle of the table face up. The players need to act swiftly and keep an eye out for the Jacks when they play the cards.

The moment one of the players plays a Jack, all other players must slap the card, and the person who does it the quickest gets to retain the stack.

The game is over when a single player has amassed all the cards, and that person immediately becomes the winner.

19. Let it Ride

Let It Ride is a poker-based casino game that became popular in the late 1990s, along with many other new casino card games.

The game’s player population has decreased significantly over the last several years, even though it has grown to great popularity over the previous two decades.

How to play Let it Ride

The regulations are not a potential deterrent for new players. Serious poker players find the game’s relatively substantial house advantage unimpressive.

This indicates that players have less opportunity to affect their winning chances by using their skills and expertise.

Here, each player is handed three cards, while the dealer is dealt two cards face down. The player gets compensated based on the quality of his poker hand.

Let It Ride differs from other casino games in that the player has the option to withdraw his wagers. The player had two opportunities to cash out their wagers. The first potential occurrence occurs when the player sees his hand.

The first shared card has not yet been released. The second opportunity occurs when the first card of the community is revealed. The next community card has not yet been shown.

20. Dominos

Domino is a card game that belongs to the Eights group and may be played with three people.

The expectation of the game is for participants to get rid of their cards by matching the cards that came before them. If they can’t do that, they have to draw from the stock of cards.

Playing the cards creates a layout of patterns running up and down in suits, beginning with the initial card that has been agreed upon.

How to play Dominos

Dominos isn’t only for kids, despite its name. All dominos are rectangular tiles with a stripe along the center, dividing the surface into two square ends.

The ends are either blank or have numerous dots to distinguish them from one another. A domino title that works with a tile that has previously been set must be arranged.

A one is placed next to another number, and a gap between them represents a free number.

When all of this game has been played, the winner will be the participant with the fewest dominoes remaining in their hand.

21. Bullshit

In the United States, the card game known as “Bullshit” belongs to the genre of “super-easy card games” and is often played for amusement.

As implied by the game’s name, the objective is to get rid of the cards you now have through swindling and lying.

How to play Bullshit

You need to recognize and catch other players lying to win this game. A standard deck of 52 cards, including jokers, can be used to play the game with three to ten people.

All the players get the same number of cards, and the first player says which cards he wants to play while putting them face down.

If the next player thinks the first player is lying, they can ask to see their cards, pass, or play their move by putting their cards face down and saying they are of the same rank.

If the player who bets against the previous player’s cards finds out that the previous player was bluffing, the first player should take back their cards.

And suppose the first player said the cards correctly, and the second player had to choose all of those cards.

22. Sette e Mezzo

Sette e Mezzo is a fantastic game. Even though it is a game of opportunity by design, it seems that everyone plays it during the winter vacations, and children are given many coins to utilize and play with during this time.

How to play Sette e Mezzo

This is another easiest card game for three people. In this card game, one player takes on the dealer role, while the other competes against one another to see who can beat the dealer.

It is possible to take turns being the dealer to ensure everyone receives a shot. Each participant and dealer is given two cards to start the game.

The dealer will only display one card, and the players must determine whether they wish to hit or stand before the next round begins.

You are allowed to hit for as long as the sum of your scores does not exceed seven and a half.

When players have finished, the dealer will reveal their second card, at which point they will also have the same range of possibilities as the players.

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The bottom line

Now you may have an idea about what are the best 3 person card games. Card games are one of the best for millions of people because they are fun, require skill, and can be played online and off.

The only thing that might stop people from playing card games is not having enough people to play games that need four or more people, particularly in a physical setting. You must look for fun card games for three people at times like these.

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