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How to Diversify Your GamePlay and Not Chase the Level in World of Warcraft

The article emphasizes the importance of diversifying gameplay in World of Warcraft, arguing that chasing levels alone won’t make a player effective. It suggests engaging in activities like gathering resources, crafting items, and earning achievements to strengthen one’s character and enhance the gaming experience.

Diversify WoW Gameplay: Beyond Level Chasing

Many players mistakenly evaluate World of Warcraft and most similar MMO RPGs as a marathon where you have to be constantly active and chase the level in order to be in the top of the best players.

There is both truth and falsehood in this statement.

The truth is that the level of the player really decides: the higher it is, the more skills attack, the more health and attack, and much more zones and activities become available to you.

The lie is that experience alone does not give much: if you get level 70 in World of Warcraft, but do not invest in equipment and weapons, then you will be a weak high-level player, and you also risk not understanding the mechanics of new updates.

Even when contacting the best wow boosting service Skycoach, you will receive a recommendation to level up with the help of a professional player to level 60 and study the Dragonflight upgrade on your own.

If you insist on level 70, then of course, no one will argue, and you will receive your character of the maximum level with guarantees of anonymity and help in case of problems with the game administration, but then you will miss the lion’s share of the update.

There are many activities in World of Warcraft that can greatly slow down progression in levels in favor of saturating each stage of the game and squeezing out the best equipment, weapons and gold before moving on.

This approach will allow you to be the best in every period of your development and systematically strengthen your character, remaining effective, and not just pumped and useless in raids and PVP.

Even PvP battles will be much more comfortable, as you will face players of your own level, but will surpass most of them in terms of equipment and understanding of the gameplay.

What activities will help to evenly strengthen your hero

What activities will help to evenly strengthen your hero

1. Gathering resources 2. Crafting items 3. Achievements

Gathering resources

This activity is directly related to professions that allow you to accumulate resources for their subsequent sale, or use in the creation of items of equipment, weapons, jewelry and other useful items that have value on the marketplace in the World of Warcraft.

You can choose from:

Mining – requires a pickaxe, which can be bought in any major city. Allows you to find objects with a similar mark on the map and extract ore and gems from rocks.

The ore is popular with blacksmiths and is used to smelt it into ingots, while gems are needed by jewelers to produce enhanced stat gems.

Collecting herbs – does not require special items to collect, it is enough to find lands with active vegetation and pay attention to the flora with highlighted outlines.

Resources gathered from herbs and plants can be used in alchemy and first aid to create offensive and defensive type potions, bandages to stop bleeding, and antidotes of various strengths.

Skinning – requires a special carving knife, which can be bought from any craftsman in major cities. For especially impressionable players, you should not worry – the procedure is absolutely not visualized and has no corresponding animation, and the resulting skins are processed into leather and are needed to create leather equipment and various craft equipment.

Some hats with characteristics are also created by the master of working with leather.

Fishing is a secondary and optional profession that is available to everyone, regardless of previously chosen specializations and crafts.

Fishing is needed for catching fish and, in addition to aesthetic and relaxing pleasure, it allows you to catch ordinary fish – suitable for cooking and special – which cannot be eaten, but can be ground into reagents, which is what scribes and alchemists will happily do.

Crafting items

Crafting items requires an appropriate profession, or enough gold to buy back all the missing resources on your own.

From the creating professions, you can choose the following:

Blacksmithing – allows you to use or to refine it into steel and create items of heavy equipment and weapons. The blacksmith creates tools for other artisans, helmets and shields, and hollows out sockets for special stones that can be installed. The profession is perfectly combined with mining.

Leatherworking – allows you to process hides and turn them into leather for the production of leather armor and related equipment for characters with a specialization in agility and for crafting equipment. Goes well with skinning.

Tailoring – allows you to use materials found and knocked out of monsters to make thread and sew magical armor and bags to expand your inventory.

Tailoring is the only profession that does not depend on a third-party gathering, and therefore you can take an inscription in a bundle.

It will help to make special scrolls – recipes that serve as a kind of instruction for creating items for all classes, and make staves – attacking weapons for magical classes.

Jewelcrafting – creates important magical jewelry to protect against mage attacks and apply negative effects.

A good Jewelcrafter also crafts special gems that can be crafted into weapons, armor, or jewelry by the blacksmith, as well as cages that can capture rare elementals. It goes well with mining – as one of the sources of gemstones.

Engineering – Engineers work with mechanisms and learn how to create them separately and integrate them with various equipment to increase its combat potential.

For example, you can create a special rocket launcher that is mounted on a heavy armor sleeve and deals damage to surrounding enemies once at a certain interval.

Cooking – refers to an optional profession and can be learned by any character, regardless of occupied or free craft slots.

Allows you to use fish and meat to cook dishes that will increase the characteristics for a certain time to all players who try them.

Especially skilled chefs can prepare feasts and buff a large number of players at once – for example, guilds before a battle and groups before a raid.

The overall value of the final dish depends on the quality of the ingredients involved.


Achievements are special marks and rewards for performing in-game obvious and non-obvious actions.

Sometimes it’s getting into a certain location, and sometimes it’s killing one of the most difficult bosses. You can give them all your attention, or ignore them altogether.

You will open the first achievements almost immediately, but over time, their complexity will increase.

By accumulating a large number of passive skills, you can get a noticeable boost to the hero, which will always affect you, regardless of buffs and other situations.

Achievements give the player passive stats, unique mounts, and other rewards. You can track current and blocked achievements in the corresponding menu.

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The bottom line

Diversifying your gameplay in World of Warcraft is crucial for a rich and rewarding experience.

Chasing levels alone won’t make you a strong player; instead, engage in activities like gathering resources, crafting items, and earning achievements.

This approach will not only enhance your understanding of the game mechanics but also make you effective in every stage of your character’s development.

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