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10 Best Free Online Masters Degree Courses with Certificates

Free Online Masters Degree Courses with Certificates

It is always fantastic to learn for free. Especially, when it comes to free online master’s degree courses with certificates, it even cannot imagined.

It is that much-advanced program for freshers. But, still, you can follow a few world-recognized masters, MSc, and MBA courses for free of charge.

So, here are the ten best lists for your reference!

Free Online Masters Degree Courses with Certificates for Freshers

Internet learning is one of the greatest and best changes that the instruction area has encountered in quite a while, I daresay that the area has worked admirably in effectively utilizing current advanced advances and the result is incredibly gainful.

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Rather than going around going to schools and confronting the pressure and bother, you could at present realize anything you desire, get a level of your decision, including free online experts degree courses with authentications in the solace of your home with simply a desktop computer/laptop or a cell phone and a web association.

1. Media Arts & Sciences

The programs usually run with nearly fifty students for years. The basic objective of the course is to improve the quality of human lives.

So, the MIT media lab has customized the course to offer knowledge in easy communications techniques and to design the new projects which are ideal for modern needs.

So, if you have innovative ideas to fit with future society, this is the ideal place for you to start masters. Yet, there are certain prerequisites to join the program.

Hence, if you do not have enough basic qualifications in computer science, psychology, architecture, neuroscience, mechanical engineering and material science, you should develop those prior to the application date.

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2. Master of Music from Curtis

The Curtis provides an excellent opportunity for musicians to upgrade their existing knowledge into the next level.

But, it is a bit easy to enroll for the program for all. Since there is always a quality outcome behind demand, they will conduct an exam to select 4% of qualified candidates through the pool of applications. Hence, you should fight a lot to achieve masters in music.

The final credit reports of the bachelor in music is also a mandatory factor to be qualified with the course.

So, this is a highly competitive course content for all. Yet, the students from the non-native English countries have an added challenge of TOEFL to enrol for the master degree.

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3. International Social Welfare and Health Policy

It is perfect for health care workers to develop an awareness of occupational health. And, since it is two years long, free and online, the professionals can develop the knowledge on the subject without stressful life schedules and money plans.

Thus, it seems the majority are engaging with courses like this. So, now you may proceed to learn more and achieve a master degree through the given link.

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4. Masters for Management Degree Holders

This is a great chance for all management bachelors around the world to achieve an MBA through online platforms. And, it is free to enroll.

But, finally, you will receive a world-class certification to prove the completion of the course. The University of People is responsible to offer the credit report.

And, since it is going to be free but world recognised, you should prove your English proficiency, credits of the bachelor’s degree and prior experiences.

The program has both fulltime and part-time extensions to select as with student’s convenience. Click here to find more about the registration process to the course.

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5. Structural Engineering and Building Technology

The MSc in Structural engineering provided by the OSLO is a total of two years long program.

Fantastingly, they will not charge any tuition fees to share the subject matters. It has announced its next application commencing date for August 2020. And, it will remain for another few minutes long. Possibly, the application ending date may be in December.

So, if you would have with the program within the next few months, you would easily achieve high paying job opportunities in the UK or any other developed country.

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6. Master in Education Degrees

The Masters and all other postgraduate programs in Education are popular in the world. So, there are lots of service providers which offer the same degree, certificates and diploma courses.

But, the specifications of this particular program is the free enrolment and the ability to conduct through inline resources.

Hence, it is a great opportunity for all teachers and educators to widen up their knowledge.

What to read more? Here is the navigation for the University of people. It is the institute responsible to provide certification for final achievements.

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7. Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT)

The program will issue MA qualification on ICT. So, the students who hold bachelors in computer science can take part in future studies. And, once you navigate through the following link, there is a tab called “check your match”.

So, it is the compatibility or amplitude test introduced by OSLO Metropolitan University to check whether you are suitable for the relevant studies.

So, if you feel it is ideal for you, do not want to be late to sign in and get more details on how to enrol. It is certain, the program will show you the correct path for success.

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8. International Education and Development

The course has customized to teach how to keep international relationships in establishing social services. So, it is perfect for teachers, educators and all others who need maximum contacts with the general society.

As similar to all other programs issues by OSLO, this is also two years of the short program. So, you can continue studies freely and effectively by staying at your own place itself.

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9. Masters in Product Design

The course owns by the art and design category of OSLO university. So, the individuals who need to polish up their knowledge in designing can engage with this master program.

Even it is conducted through online platforms, it consists of both theoretical and practical sessions.

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10. MFA in Writing

The University of San Fransisco offers this writing program for authors, research candidates and students.

But, it is not certainly an all free course. It only provides tuition fee for a free and you need to pay only for registration.

So, we suggest this for expert-level writers to sharpen the writing style. The newbies can follow other similar free online courses with printable certificates to gather the basic tips.

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The bottom line

We hope this piece of contents will be a massive help to refresh bachelors to start their future education. The free online master’s degrees with certificates are not common.

So, there are only a few for your reference. Thus, we invite you to take maximum advantage of the available options. Check out more about free online courses with printable certificates through us!

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