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10 Free Online Professional Development Courses With Certificates

Free Online Professional Development Courses With Certificates

People have varying goals to continue their education in different ways. Even they fulfil their existing educational desires, goals, and objectives they will never stop learning and questioning throughout their career. So, they need an extreme level of knowledge upgradable programs within the job. Hence, free online professional development courses are the best solution for newcomers. Thus, we hope this will be an excellent guide for all newbies to learn how to adjust to their new workstation. And, it will also help them to enhance professional skills and competencies.

The Free Online Professional Development Courses with Certificates in English

After engaging with the course “Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization” the educators can improve their English communication skills in writing, speaking, listening and reading. And, it will cover the basics of writing emails, speaking at meetings, interviewing strategies, presentations and how to deal with online networks.

Further, it will help you to achieve your language skills, professional goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. For that, you must spend five for three hours per week. At last, you will be able to achieve your free course report.

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Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work

This is totally free of charge course conducted by the University of Leeds. The course contents are supposed to extend up to two weeks. At the end of the course, the students can get a clear understanding about identifying their personal communication style, apply their communication styles in the workplace, explore different communication platforms. And it will allow you to deeply think about your personal lifestyle and practical techniques. Simply the course has designed to share tips on how to know yourself and how to be yourself when communicating in the workplace.

The program is open for the students, graduates and who have digital skills but would like to build confidence in using digital technology in workplace Etc.

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Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers

The developer, Raspberry Pi has designed the course for a period of three weeks. And by the end of this course, you will be able to discuss the type of network and its advantages and disadvantages. And, also it will clearly describe how data transmitted securely and the basics of internet routing DNS Etc.

The program will last for three weeks and probably two hours per week. The course has designed only for computer science GSCE teachers. Hence, if you are qualified and willing to join the program, here is the navigation you should follow.

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Foundations of Teaching for Learning

Again, this is also free to enrol program. And if you are planning to engage with the course you must spend six weeks to cover the full syllabus. The course contents have divided into three parts including what is teaching, learning strategies and how teaching influence for learning.

They have opened this course for the person who likes to be teachers at schools, homes, or workplaces. Here, you can share the knowledge under the guidance of professor john MacBeath and professor Dennis Francis. Since they offer final printable certification, this will be a massive advantage for all newbies to sharpen their professional skills.

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Research Management and Leadership Training

Here is an excellent opportunity for future researchers to share their knowledge while developing professional skills. This is a total of twenty hours long intermediate level program.

The study materials will share the tips on how to assess the importance of management and leadership skills, identifying the approaches to optimize resources when building a research career. Further, the course curriculum includes tips to identify key financial and administrative responsibilities for researchers, including financial reporting and budgeting. It also will help you to understand how to manage research groups effectively and to compare key responsibilities for mentors and mentees.

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Understanding Einstein The Special Theory of Relativity

You have to spend sixty-two hours for this course. And, you will be able to achieve the final credit report as with the achievements. Since the course is offered by Stanford University, it is certain about the quality outcomes.

And, this will become an excellent chance to learn the foundation facts of relativity theory. Definitely, all these learning points will enhance your professional skills.

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Designing the Future of Work

The University of New South Wales has customised all the course works to strengthen the workplace personality. It is thirteen hours long free online courses with printable certificates.

Professor Simon Mclntyre as the coordinator of the program will help you to recognize future challenges in workplaces. So, the theories in the integration of design approaches and shaping technology in business practices will be the key points in lectures. So, the candidates may be able to understand the importance of human attributes in an increasingly automated workplace.

Hence, finally, you will learn how to evaluate challenging issues related to the potential change in work processes and many more.

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Learn Skill Management

Amazingly, the course provides all-dimensional learning materials like videos, reading papers and learning activities. The course will provide you with tangible outcomes for immediate use. They will guide you on how to use a simple, powerful computer program to organize and manage your skills and competencies. The suggested projects will focus on your desired job and will include three components including,

01. Skillset Summary

02. Selection Criteria

03. Professional Development Plan.

It is also a free course and anyone can apply. But, You must spend nine hours to complete it with Dr Valeri and Ami Giaculi. The final credit reports will issue under the name of the state university of New York.

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Severe to Profound Intellectual Disability: Circles of Care and Education

Here is a chance to go beyond professional development while serving to the society. The program will teach you all about how to care and educate children with severe to profound intellectual disabilities. So, you would be able to understand about intellectual disability,  levels of severity and the history of the condition Etc.

This is also free to enrol program. And you may join with Judith McKeinzy for thirteen hours to complete all the contents.

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Organ Donation From Death to Life

There are sixteen hours to complete this course and you have to deal with Dr Devid Thomson throughout the program as the coordinator. After completing this course, they offer printable certificates. The course will basically help you to ensure that the option of organ donation is compassionately explored in all appropriate situations at the end of life in the best way possible. The program is offered by the University of Cape Town.

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The last lines…

After all, we believe, this will be an immense help for you to gather the details on the 10 free online professional development courses with certificates. So, be ready to follow your favourites and avail of the world-class certifications. We will publish the most reliable free online courses with printable certificates as soon as the program released.

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