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How to Get More Facebook Likes and Followers

Get More Facebook Likes and Followers

It is not a secret anymore that a product advertised on Facebook gets the maximum audience than any other means in the world for the given cost. More than 20% of the world population is active on Facebook! Hence, a Facebook page of a product or a company is of utmost importance if the primary business is sales. In this article, the most effective ways of building the quality audience for the Facebook page of the project are discussed.

Build Audience

Build a Quality Audience. A ratio will appear. The more the audience higher will be the probability that the audience will grow faster. The people will normally tend to opt for a product whose rating is 4 out of 5 with 30 reviews and not a product with 5 out of 5-star rating with just a single review. Hence numbers do matter.

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Facebook page is like the reception of your Business online. It has to be stuffed with information about the company or the product, a few links, and all the services offered. Stuffing too many keywords in the Facebook page might stop the new audience immediately. Remember, Facebook is a social page and hence a friendly page is always expected to have information that is easily comprehensible by the targeted audience. Avoid the temptation of sharing the Facebook page with prospective customers when there are only a few 10s of followers.

Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, and business partners to visit the page and give feedback. Accept most of them, incorporate a few but thank all of them for reviews. Later a follow-up mail to like and follow the page gains more positive results as they all feel one way or the other as a part of the page because it is now no more an alien Facebook page. Once a decent amount of mixture audience is generated, the Facebook page can now be taken to the public.

Promote Audience to Grow

Run a contest powered by Facebook ads, where the audience can be grown to a larger number instantly and learn what are the other interests of your prospective audience have. Add suitable social plug-ins in main company website. Rather than hiding the Facebook plug-in in the corner, Inform about the benefits of Facebook and actively promote the customers to discuss their stories and experience of the product. An active community is the best way to generate more content and traffic to a webpage for a product. It will be a win-win situation.

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Always record the investment is done and the results. Learn from the mistakes, repeat what made more audience visit your page. Keeping a record helps you analyzing the patterns. There will be definite patterns for all business promotional investments. Periodically publishing useful promotional content may bring more audiences than running contests. Still everything matters. Be proactive in the Facebook page with all minor updates and share all the glory. This keeps even the audience engaged in linking are expressing their views via comments. Have social plugins in the mail conversations too.

Interconnect the Facebook page and Internet Well

Connect other pages of your company, such as Twitter Page and Pinterest Page so that you will mostly convert an ample amount of Twitter Followers into Facebook Followers. Invite the audience into the events, promote them to tag their photos in the pictures uploaded on your page.

This will lead to exponential growth in the visitor numbers as the customer’s friends will be more likely to visit the photo and hence the page. Share the Facebook page and possibly link the Facebook page with the LinkedIn account to not to miss out on other prospective audiences out there. Finally, Facebook posts can be promoted using paid services from Facebook.

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