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What are Submittals in Construction and How Do They Work?

Understand the concept of submittals in the construction industry in an easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide. Learn what they are, why they matter and get started today!

What are construction submittals

When it comes to construction, you want your project to be on time and within budget. But you can still have a little fun while working. Some tradespeople enjoy the challenge of completing their job as quickly and efficiently as possible by using innovative technology like a software tool for construction work.

Following the proper submittals in construction is essential to avoid any disturbances. So what is a submittal? And how does it work? Explored below is each question in more detail!

What is a Submittal?

A submittal is a document that describes work that has been done. Submittals are used to communicate the details of work that needs to be done, and they can also include drawings or other illustrations.

Submittals are used by contractors and subcontractors responsible for completing the project. They are often used with bid specifications (a document outlining what types of materials will be needed) or pre-construction surveys (an initial survey conducted before construction begins).

When Does Submittals Happen?

Submittals are a part of the construction process, and they happen at different points in the process and can be required by either the owner or the contractor. There are two types of submittals:

# Preliminary Design Crib Sheet (PDCS) – The submittals in construction of this type are used to provide details about the proposed work and how it will be completed. It’s typically completed before bidding begins but may be submitted later during construction if some change requires approval from higher-ups (such as adding new equipment).

# Affidavit/Permit Application – This document gives us more information about your project’s plans than PDCS, such as what materials you’ll need on-site and how long each task will take.

Who is Responsible for Submittals?

Submittals are the responsibility of the design and engineering team. The following people are responsible for submittals:

# Designers and engineers

# Subcontractors (such as electricians, plumbers, etc.)

How Does Software Work?

# It is a cloud-based software.

# It is a web-based application.

# It is a web-based tool.

# It is an online platform that allows users to submit and track their projects quickly, easily, and securely through a secure environment.

# It is an online application that allows users to submit and track their projects quickly, easily and securely through a secure environment.

# It is a web-based application that allows users to submit and track their projects quickly, easily and securely through a safe environment.

Software Tool for Construction Is An Easy, Smooth Way To Handle Submittals:

The construction software tool is an easy, smooth way to handle submittals. It’s the best way to streamline your construction project by making it more straightforward for you and your team members to submit their submittal documents electronically.

Software Construction Tool Will Save You Time And Money By:

# Securing access for all team members involved in the project so they can easily upload their documents in one place;

# Keeping track of what each person has done at each stage of the process, and

# Having everything organized in one place so that it’s easy for everyone on the team even if they have different roles within the company to contribute toward meeting deadlines and keeping themselves accountable throughout every stage of this process.

# The whole process is streamlined and automated, which means less time wasted on manual processes and more time spent on the essential things in life.


After reading the article, most people will get a clear idea and more knowledge about construction submittals. No matter the type of construction, whether residential or commercial, make sure to hire the best software for construction work and finish your task at the earliest.

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