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How to Get Rid of Bats Permanently in Attic, Chimney, In and Outside your House, Barn and Roof

How to Get Rid of Bats

Bats are simply bothering animals that are living in almost all the houses. Definitely, you may also suffer from this matter. Did you ever try to get rid of bats? But we know you may be still suffering from the same problem. Then what can you do? How to get rid of bats? Yes! It is a complex question as bats are living all around your house.

Actually, even though there are a number of insects and certain other troublesome pests. Bats are still the biggest question as bats can dirt your house through their awful smell.

Not only that since the bats are animals that have nocturnal activities, but these animals will also definitely steal your sleep. The sound of large, skinny wings is almost an unpleasant experience for the night.

Thus, no one will enjoy these flying mammals unless he is extremely loving to research bat’s behaviour. Anyway, today we are not going to study the life of bats and how advanced they are among other mammals.

So this is only a simple guide to those who are suffering from noisy, dirty and ugly bats. Well, let’s look at how to eradicate bats from your roof, chimney, barn and attic.

How to Get Rid of Bats and What are the things to be considered before finding the best option

We know you may still on a question about how to get rid of bats. But already you may have tried several methods to escape from these troublesome animals.

However, are those night fellows are powerful than you? Then what might be the weaknesses of methods that you have followed so far?

Yes! You should know a bit about bats before finding the precise method to create an environment that is unsuitable for bats to live in.

If you find the most specific method for the specific kind of bats you can definitely get rid of these troublesome days as soon as possible.

Species of bats living in your house may vary as with the geographical location of your area. Actually, there are many kinds of bats including insectivorous, carnivorous and vampire.

However, it is rare to find vampire bats in an urban or village area unless you are living in an isolated jungle without mankind around you as described in almost all the cinematic experiences related to bats.

Usually, we can find small-sized insectivorous or carnivorous bats around the houses. Hence, you must find a way to fight against those bats to have a nice sleep without these noisy mammals.

So, we found three basic methods to get rid of bats that are living anywhere in your house.

First, you can create an undesirable living environment for bats by closing the entering holes and using certain bat repels.

As the second trick, you can disturb their behaviour by using bright lights and sounds.

Next, you may also install certain devices such as nets, catchers to prevent their coming.

Anyway, all these methods at once may not suitable for you. Thus, you can start with the most convenient and simple method. But, if you didn’t find the expected results, you may try other methods too.

How to Get Rid of Bats Inattic

The attic is a small room or partition in the roof which has been designed for so many different reasons. Mostly, an attic is a common feature in almost all the old house patterns and even today this is a mandatory part of certain traditional house designs.

Even though the purpose of this part is to regulate air circulation and temperature in houses, it still has so many other benefits for mankind. In most of the setups, the attic is popular as a storage cabin. Yet, it can also use as a perfect and dreamy bedroom too.

Similarly, an attic is a super matching cage for bats to live. Since it is dark and seems like a closed small space, mostly, the bats will choose it as their final destination and will live for longer.

Since these flying mammals are active at night, sometimes, it may take longer to get to know that there are bats unless you use this cabin very often.

Well, if there are bats, you have nothing to think about other than finding how to get rid of bats. Actually, it is impossible to adjust your life to live with these dirty flyers. So, if there are problem exist, you should find solutions. Isn’t it?

Simply, you may use either bat repel chemical or close the holes to prevent the bats from entering. Bats repel is convenient. But, if there are a gang of bats it is difficult to apply. But, if your house is small and only a few are there, this is the ideal method to create an awful environment for bats.

However, you should use the repel in the daytime when bats are laying. But, if you decide to get rid of bats by closing or filling, the nighttime is the best. As the bats are nocturnal animals, all will fly out at night.

That is the perfect time to visit the attic and close the holes that the bats are entering into your home. Usually, bats should lay down in a place before morning as the lights can disturb their behaviour.

But, since you have already closed the holes, they have no chance to enter back into the place. Thus, bats should go away to find a new living place.

How to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic with Mothballs

Yes! This is another kind of successful method to eradicate bats. The mothballs are made up of naphthalene. And, its chemical nature is highly poisonous to bats. Thus, if you place a few mothballs around the bats’ places, they will no longer wish to live there.

How to Get Rid of Bats in House

If the problem is bats living inside the house you should find non-toxic and tricky methods to get rid of bats. Since your whole family living inside the house you should maintain proper living conditions in rooms, bathrooms and especially in the kitchen area.

However, if the area is dark and does not receive enough ventilation, there is the optimal condition for bats to live. So, the chances are there to build up bat’s cages in such spaces.

If your home also has a space like this, you should be equipped with the most successful and tricky methods to fight against bats.

Especially, you cannot use repels as it contains chemical compounds that can harm human skin. And also inhalation of those chemical compounds can lead to respiratory illness and, even it can cause cancers.

We know you may not expect to get ill just by getting rid of a bat in your house. Thus, this kind of bat repels are not suitable for interiors.

Anyway, you have so many other options including inserting a bat catcher such as a net and cleaning the isolated corners of the house.

You know, inserting a net means a good idea to catch bats. But this is a difficult method to execute if bats colonies are too large. Similarly, it is troublesome to throw them back into the natural cages or their living environment.

But, keeping a cleaned setting inside the home is easy. Since the bats desire to live in darkness, you should ensure all the places in your home receives adequate lighting.

The temperature also should be maintained for the standard value which is underside for bats to live. Thus, sooner, all the bats who disturbed you will leave the places very easily. Further, mothballs are also a good choice to get rid of bats inside the house.

Since it offers an aromatic scent for humans, it will not make any harm to human beings. So, we suggest this as the most suitable answer for how to get rid of a bat in the house.

How to Get Rid of Bats Outside your House

Bats can live elsewhere if the conditions are good to lay down and spend their life. So, these night mammals can even make colonies in your garden too.

This is not a problem for those who are living in urban areas as there are either no gardens or have only the small-sized open areas other than large gardens.

The problem of a large garden is too many spaces, and the Gardner may not have access to all the corners due to old and giant trees. But, the bats can easily find such ideal places to make their nests.

The darkness due to limited sunshine to the area is a hidden blessing for these mammalian flyers to lay down in the branches of such giant trees and to enjoy their freedom.

Thus, if you really seek how to get rid of bats outside your house, you should first look at each corner of your garden. Definitely, you can suspect whether the bats are in your garden or not through the noisy wings at night. Thus, now you should find where they are.

If you did not maintain your garden for longer, this will be a challenge in the daytime as bats are sleeping. But, be smart to smell that nasty odour and start searching through the way. You will find these terrible night flyers easily.

Often, the bats can find either from a giant tree or an old building in your garden. Thus, to get rid of bats, it is better to clean such places.

The dirty surroundings are always a blessing for them. And, do not forget to fix some bright lighting over the area. Since the bats can not find their way through the lights, they may fail to come back once fly at night.

Yet, when you remove the lighting, they can come back to their cages. Thus, it is suggestive to create a bat-desired cage or nest at a place that is far away from your house or village.

It will help you to permanently remove these flying mammals. This kind of artificial nest is known as a bat box.

How to Get Rid of Bats in Chimney

Bats that live in the chimney may disturb you as the same as the bats that live inside your house. The nasty droppings will always fill up your home with a horrible smell that lasts longer.

It can affect diminished motivation, lethargy, foods intolerance and respiratory disorders among your family members. Little is known that bats droppings can cause this many problems for human health.

Thus, if you notice bats in your chimney, you should take immediate action. As we explained earlier, repels will not be a perfect choice at this point. So, it is better to look for a chimney cap, exclusion tube or a mesh screen.

These are three devices you can purchase through any store that is selling household items. But, do not seek exclusion tubes or any other item through groceries as this is a kind of hardware-like tools.

Anyway, the main focus of these three items is to avoid bats entering your chimney. Yet, the exclusion tube will open a way to fly away from the place, but, no any way to enter back. Thus, it is similar to a one-way valve.

The other two devices are also the same and functioning close by. But, since other birds can also trap in these barriers, the house owners should take an action to solve that problem. Remember that your purpose should be removing bats, but not harming other birds.

So, the perfect answers for how to get rid of bats in the chimney are not the repels or cleaning. If you allow them to enter, it will be a challenge to beat back. So, you must try to prevent bat colonization while removing the existing ones.

How to Get Rid of Bats in your Roof

Bats are more common in rooftops than all other places, which we have discussed so far. Since the roof is an excellent place to hang up, they can adjust to their natural life there.

And, it is known as a perfect place for their reproduction. But, the excellent place to lay down maternity bats is not the roof. Bats usually prefer chimneys to reproduce and multiply.

However, there are chances that bats can multiply on your roof too. So, the nasty noise will increase day by day. What is your option? Do you think spray repels all over? No! It may not work as it is practically difficult.

But, you can spray water through a pump to wet their nests by making undesired living conditions for bats. Anyway, doing so for just one day may not work, and you will have to use your water pump for several days to a week for good results.

But, if you can find the holes that bats are entering, sealing those holes is an ideal option to get rid of this problem. In case if you fail in finding such holes, you have another option. It is the light reflection method.

There are two ways to use lights to get rid of bats on the roof. The first one is using high-quality mirrors and steady lights. But it is a bit of an expensive method as mirrors and steady lights are costly.

The second method is the installation of aluminum foil papers. This is a cheap and successful option as it is cost-effective and easy to install.

How to Get Rid of Bats in a Barn

Oh! This is the most challenging problem for farms and yards. Since a barn is an area designed as a storage area, it is almost an isolated place. Thus, darkness and cold conditions is a unique characteristic for this kind of place. So, this is a nice place for bats to lay down and multiply.

But, if your barn is full of bat’s discharges and noise of feathers, it will be a nasty place to visit. Anyway, you cannot lock your barn forever. You should use it for storing your essentials.

Getting rid of bats in the barn is not a challenging mission, as you can execute any of the bat repelling methods. The one-way tubes, repelling chemicals, net, lighting and cleaning the place as often as possible are the most convenient choices to get rid of bats in the barn.

Yet, bat catchers may not work for the purpose, as bat colonies are possibly larger than other places. But, owners can install a bat box to get rid of this problem in and out of the barn.


Since bats are troublesome creatures that produce nasty droppings and disturbing noises, people usually look for “how to get rid of bats“.

Yes! There are an array of methods to have a bat’s free house. But, all of those methods may not be appropriate for you.

So, you should select the ideal method for the context. Thus, you would be able to get rid of bats faster through the most convenient method.

Here, we have given you all the tricks to have a nice sleep without these noisy flying mammals.

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