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Idiot Card Game: How to Play the Idiot Card Game Alone and Rules

How to Play Idiot Card Game

There’s just one loser in the Idiot card game. The purpose of the game is not to be the last person in their hand to play all cards. You play cards by playing a higher-ranking card or by playing the current number in the discard stack.

The loser is deemed the last person to empty his hand and he must wear a funny hat before a new loser is pitched or the rest of the night.

Idiot card game, or Castle, is a two-to-four-player trick-taking card game. The game includes a regular card deck of 52 and can be played by 8 or older people. The idiot has low 3s and high aces. The idiot’s target is not to be the last carded person.

How Do you Play the Idiot Card Game

01. Per 2-3 players will have to have one deck of cards. (The game was a little long, but not bad. You need to try a little to find a balance that you like.) (We used 3 decks for 7 players.

02. Deal 3 cards facing each player facing down. Send each player 3 more cards face-up for each card. Give every player three more cards face-down. Pick and keep the last 3 cards in your hand.

You have the option to swap cards with the cards facing you from your hand. The Ace is high. Ignore suits. Play by the numbers.) (Statue: Higher cards, 2 or 10’s for the stacks. Ace’s high.

03. Place all the cards left in the center of a stack.

04. The dealer’s left person can play a 3 if he has one to start the game. If the player has not one or wishes not to play, the next player is entitled to play a 3 card.

When this is the case and a 3 isn’t played, it goes on for 4s, and so on, before the first card is played.

05. After the first card is played, the player draws back up to 3 cards; the player still draws up to 3 cards until the draw stack is emptied.

06. The next player has to play a card that is equal or superior to the top card in the discard pile to continue playing. That’s how the players are going to play cards.

07. If a player is unable to play a card that meets the needs of the player or actually does not wish to play it, he must select and add all cards to the discard pile.

08. You may play several cards of the same rank in your hand, and if you draw the same rank card, you may play it and draw a new card. If you draw the same rank, you may draw the card.

09. As soon as the draw stack has gone out and the last card from your hand is played, the players can use the cards stacked before them.

You first play the face-up cards, and the same is true of the cards you put in your hand. You’ll play the last three cards after they’ve been played.

10. You will not realize the face-down cards before you discard them, so the same rules apply to the cards before. If you miss part a card, all discarded cards must be taken and played until your face-down cards begin to be played.

Rules of Idiot Card Game

01. The player to the left of the dealer first goes and turns in the direction of the clock. The game normally starts with the lowest card (i.e. 3). If no player in the first round has 3 or does not want to play three cards, the next round will be 4 etc.

02. 2s: 2s is used to reset the discarded pile number, to play the discard 2 and to change the discard number to which you wish to add.

03. 10s: 10s are burn cards, the player can burn the entire discard battery with this card, meaning that all cards including ten are permanently taken out of the game. The next player will start with whatever card you want the discard stack.

How to Play the Idiot Card Game Alone

01. On the left-hand side of the dealer, a player positions a card in the middle of the game field. When players go clockwise, they attempt to surpass or match the previous card they have played with cards.

They must take the whole center pile if they cannot. A player should always have three cards in his hand. Players substitute for cards played with stock cards.

02. The idiot has special cards of 5s, 2s, and 10s.

03. The next card must be in the same rank or lower if a player plays a 5.

04. Wildcards are 2s. Any card on top of a two can be played.

05. Delete the stack from 10s. You can also lead the next stack by the same player.

06. The player’s hand is empty, and the stick is exhausted, and they pass over the three cards. After playing the top three cards, the player plays the cards blindly.

When you turn over the card down, you have to play it before you flip over another card. They’re all out until they’re all played. The Idiot is the last guy.

The Idiot Card Game Rules to Play Alone as a Single Player

01. There are several different combinations, so this might not be specifically how you play the game.

02. The idiot’s intention is to lose all cards by piling them. Any card placed on the stack should be the same or greater than the top of the stack card.

03. You must take the whole stack if you have no card to place on the stack, and the opponents turn it on.

04. If you have less than three, you must draw enough cards from the deck to get three again. There are still three cards in your hand. No more cards are drawn after the deck is full.

05. There are three cards to the bottom and three to the top on the table.

06. When your hand is done, you can’t play them. Before you play, you can’t look down at a card.

07. Before you begin, the upward-facing cards on the table allow you to exchange cards from your hand.

08. It’s the restart card; two can be added on top of it.

09. The oppose must position a card equal to or less than five in the next round, and this is the reverse card.


This Swedish game is named after the Dostoevsky novel and not for their player’s intellect. It’s four floors in the beginning. Take from each pile one card and placed it on the board.

If more than one card is present, each suite will delete the minimum suit. And in that case, four new cards are put on the existing cards until only one visible card is available in each suite, and that must be remedied until nothing remains.

The top card in the other collections can be transferred to the empty pile when the piles have been completed. This game’s entire purpose is to put all four aces down.

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