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On-Page and Off-Page SEO Audit Checklist Tips to Rank

SEO 2020 Checklist

The search engine optimization landscape is quite lively. Sure, some things remain the same: place relevant keywords on your names, and also make it a priority to optimize for cellular users.

However, anything else continues shifting at a spiral. This season, Google, alongside other enormous platforms, is wanting increasingly to be the ending destination for the customers’ journeys.

This, more than that, defines important search engine optimization tendencies for 2020 because today we will need to discover the very best strategies to remain successful within the frame made by Google.

Each time entrepreneurs believe we have this search engine optimization down thing, the rules begin to change and shift. A fantastic case in point is the way neighbourhood SEO shifted. Nowadays, with Google, My Business is now getting more significant for several regional companies than owning a site, and it is simply a symptom of a bigger trend.

We will need to always keep our hands on the heartbeat, afterwards, and correct our work into the new challenges we are facing, to supply the best outcomes possible for our clientele.

17 SEO Guidelines to Rank your Keyword on Google

1. Website Structure: Clean Code, Easy Navigation and Plain Simple URLs.

2. Server Response Time [ Use Cloudflare or Fastly ] If You’re on a Shared Hosting.

3. Minified HTML & JavaScript Codes [ Use Autoptimize or Hummingbird Plugin ]

4. Start With Long-tail Keywords [ Avoid Broad & Highly Competitive Keywords ] When You’re Just Starting.

5. Fresh Content & Consistent Publishing Rate in The First 30 Days of Your Website Creation.

6. Make Sure Your Whole Website is Just 2 Clicks Away From Homepage [ Click Depth ]

7. Make Sure Your External Links Are Using No-Follow Attribute.

8. Use Automated Internal Linking Plugin For Site-Wide Internal Linking [ Interlinks Manager Recommended ]

9. Make Sure Your Sitemap is Listed in Robots.txt File.

10. Add Your Most Important Pages in Sidebar For Site-Wide Linking.

11. Avoid Keywords Stuffing in Your Articles & Use Synonyms Wherever Possible To Enrich Your Content.

12. Optimize For [ Bert Update ] Use In-direct Language and Answer Questions Inside Your Content.

13. Don’t Build Backlinks To Your Articles in The First Month, Point All Links To Your Homepage Instead.

14. Use TF-IDF Algorithms To Compare Your Content To Competitors & See What Could Be Improved [ Website Auditor ]

15. Audit Your Content on A Regular Basis By Adding Fresh Content, New Images and Related Keywords.

16. Press Release Campaigns Are Google-Friendly & Highly Recommended For New Websites.

17. Social Sentiment Score is Much More Important Than The Number of Shares [ How People React To Your Content on Social Platforms Positively or Negatively ]

how to rank your website on google step by step

You should think carefully about building a website first. Domain and Hosting are Not Important.

Then Keyword Research. You don’t have to be big on it. It varies from person to person. I didn’t do any research. Because I wrote about what I know. I’ve done an automobile degree, so I write about car engineers and hybrid technology.

That is, if you do what you know, you can do it for a long time. Some people write about sports. If you can’t do anything, take a Keyword research tool (Ahref, Etc) and build a website for a lower market. Beri If Feri tries to write, write yourself.

I think you know how to get Domain and Hosting. Domain and hosting are here the cheapest web hosting.

Write about 15 articles to 400-2000 words. Put pictures. Just put your keyword in the ALT text of the image and PDF, Youtube video links.

Then go to google webmaster tools. Verify your site. It’s going to be a little cloud. Submit your site map. This is important. Make as

After indexing your website on google search engine (webmaster) you have to start backlink building. Here is the most popular SEO and link building company LinkLifting

Free Websites to Make Backlink for your Website

Then let it go for about a week. Then you have to start the Backlink process.


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Here’s how to register two times a day. It would be better if there were backlinks that fit his niche. Here youtube means you create a channel, and then you have to make videos and put your website URL title and description.

Then about four weeks after that

Here’s an article that matches your Niche on this site and backlinks to your main site. These are web 2.0.

Within a month, your site will be up on the web. But don’t stop writing quality articles. Continue in writing.

After a while google analytics so you can find out what kind of keyword people are coming to your site.

If there are more questions, write down what you know.

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