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3 Tips on How to Create Ads without Visuals

Create Ads without Visuals

Every marketer knows how important visuals are. An original and interesting poster can easily catch the eye of a regular pedestrian; digital images are crucial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and selling products like clothes, furniture, or decorations.

Almost 90% of the information that the brain processes are visual, so nearly everything our brain registers on a daily basis comes from seeing it. We are far more likely to remember a random poster we have seen today than a random sentence we heard on the street.

So is it possible to create a successful marketing campaign without the use of any visual aid? Let’s explore our options.

The Right Voice Over Artist

If you need to create a radio ad campaign, one of the most important things is to choose the right voice. Every project will require a different tone. Depending on your campaign’s subject and character, you may need a powerful, strong woman or a sweet and gentle boy. When reading a script, try to imagine what impact you would like your campaign to have.

For instance, when advertising a game console, you may want to hire someone who sounds like a teenager or a student. When talking about pills for lowering blood pressure, the targeted audience will more likely be seniors, so it may be good to choose a voice-over artist from a similar age group. It can create the impression that someone with the same problems recommends new things to them.

If you want to find the right voice actor, you should cast and rate all applicants yourself. Pay attention to details like the flexibility of voice, professional background, and ability to do various accents. The more experience the VOA has, the better for you.

The Right Form

No matter if you are doing a radio campaign, product placement in a podcast, sending text messages, or driving your car around the city with a megaphone, the right form is everything. In all these cases, the message should be short and exciting.

The only information you should provide ought to be crucial to your message, with no fluff. When sending a text message, you mostly have around 160 characters to use, so make them count. Make your message clear and understandable.

The same goes for the product placements you are doing. No matter if you want them done in the text or the podcast – they should look or sound as natural as possible. Try to make the conversation natural. It shouldn’t be too formal; otherwise, your listeners will recognize that it was staged.

If you are interested in marketing, you probably heard the term “buzz or “whisper” marketing. They are tough to implement but can be impactful if the form is right.

Buzz marketing can effectively increase online traffic on your site. Essentially, it’s a viral technique that requires consumers to debate your product with other people. Some companies use controversy to make people talk about it, others prefer publicity stunts, or they simply spread rumors on purpose. The chances of going viral are higher proportionally to your product’s position on the market.

Smaller companies can use whisper marketing to generate more confidence about a product in local customers. For example, someone who makes organic masks for hair repair can pay some local hairdressers to recommend the product to customers naturally during the conversation. If you are just entering the market, you can employ ambassadors and volunteers to talk about your product in exchange for free samples.

The Right Vibe

The vibe is important no matter what. If you are using visuals, the vibe is one of the first things your clients will feel; if you are writing an article with product placement or even a short text, you need to use a different approach.

When advertising something serious, like a political campaign, it is not advisable to use funny or ironic words in case some of the voters don’t take the candidate seriously, but if you want to do an advertisement for a farting pillow, it would be unnecessary and hard to keep it in the formal tone.

In some cases, you can use emojis to establish the message, especially if you try to advertise something to a younger audience. Still, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Gen Z are still discerning consumers.

The Bottom Line

Visual ads are important, most marketing uses posters, billboards, videos, etc., but they are not a necessity. The best marketing campaigns should be able to convey their message using visuals, text, or speech. The primary reason that an ad campaign will fail no matter what format it is delivered is a lack of imagination!

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