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Best Anime App APK To Watch Free in Android and iOS

Anime App Apk Download Free

As an anime fan, it will not be convenient if you don’t have a proper way to maintain your daily list. Also, there are many ways that you can use to watch animes. If it is a way to watch them on your smart device for free, there will be quite a few apps.  Here are 8 best anime apk that can satisfy your feelings towards anime.

Kissanime App

Kiss Anime App, is considered as one of the best apps that you can watch anime for free. Not only animes, but other sources are for free.  As a diehard anime fan, you must be willing to pay your attention to the newly updating episodes. In this app, that will be a top feature.

Other than that, you will get top rated animes in several languages, the ability to browse animes according to several sorting options, getting information about the animes, and bookmarks.  Over 100,000 people have installed this app on the android platform which means, it is one of the best apps on the play store.

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Gotardo Anime

As an app that delivers a vast range of animes, Gotardo Anime has got massive attention in the last couple of years. Although the number of downloads is less than a million, you will get some of the premium options. The subtitle is such a beneficial feature that you will get along with the app.

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If you are an anime fan, you will have so many Japanese animes that require subtitles. Gottardo anime has got a load of subtitles for the series. Other than that, daily updates, different genres, several languages, and resuming are a few of the impressive features.


It only focuses on Anime which makes this app a perfect one for anime watching. If you intend to watch the episode almost on the airing time, that will be the best reason to use it for animes. As a free app that allows you to watch animes, hitanime maintains an incredible speed as well.  It is easy to use and there are more than 5000+ shows that can be chosen with an impressive sorting bar.

Cartoon Hd Apk

When it comes to several media, you will find that cartoon HD apk is a great way to expand your entertainment from animes to other such media. It is one of the premium apps that allows you to watch animes and cartoons together. The most important thing about this app is its availability for both iPhone and Android users. 

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Different languages, libraries, bookmarks, playlists, and there will be many things you may pay your attention to.   It is quite simple as smooth as watching a cartoon on the television.  When it comes to the unique feature of the app, you will get the ability to watch the episodes at the same time they are being aired.

Anyme Apk

Being the number one for almost a couple of years, anyme apk has got plenty of features throughout their experience. Simply, it has got all the features required to provide a smooth watching. When it comes to the features, you will get several servers, resume ability, and suggested shows with high AI algorithms, and a randomly chosen button. One of the most impressive features is the ability to watch songs that contain in shows. Also, you will be able to add a note to the shows you have already watched as well.


Toonmania has stepped into a new era in 2020. The 7.8 version has allowed millions of their customers to watch not only animes but other entertainment media such as cartoons and movies. As the best option, you will be able to watch your loved series with 480p or 720p quality. As an app that considers the quality of the internet connection, you will get the ability to watch the episodes without being interrupted.

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The interface consists of attractive features such as a dropdown menu, simple but elegant graphics, and easy-to-handle controls. If it is the latest movies and episodes you are looking for, the Toonmania app will be a perfect match for you.


Over 500,000 play store downloads Crunchyroll has kept his mark on the play store. It is a free app that can let you have an embracing experience along with animes. As an anime fan, you must be aware that Japan is the best for going through the animes.

When it comes to the best feature of this app, you will be able to watch an episode after it was aired in Japan. All you need to wait is just 4 hours. Also, you will be able to get premium options like no ads, new episodes after 1 hour of air, HD quality, and Offline viewing.

AnimeDLR App

As an anime app with recent history, AnimeDLR has been able to earn the trust of the anime fans by having a rating above 4 stars. Although the app can’t show them online, you will be forwarded to several servers to have a similar experience.

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One of the major inconvenience with this app is, having to use a third-party app to watch the episodes. Either VLC or MX Player can be used for that as well. However, over 1,265,679 downloads will make you feel that Animedlr App is open to the best ways to watch animes.

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