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Bully Apk: Download Bully Anniversary Edition Apk to Android

Bully Apk

Do you love action games? Have you ever played games based on open-world or virtual reality games? do you feel excited when we talk about these kinds of games? if you are a game lover, you must know the best games in the whole world till date. But that depends on what kind of games you like. Whether you are an action lover, or love to play light and refreshing games. when we talk about adventure games, Bully is one with a lot of action and full of adventure. If you love playing action and adventure games, all you need to do is download The Bully Anniversary edition apk on your Android phone and you are never going to complain about it.

Bully game is basically about a boy named James (jimmy) Hopkins. Jimmy is a malevolent boy who loves being naughty and playing pranks all the time. Which gets him into a lot of trouble and he really doesn’t care. But Bully is about him being sent to a private boarding school after he get kicked out from multiple schools in hi near past. So when he comes to this famous private school of Bullworth town, he is warned by the Principal in his very first meeting with him.

He told jimmy in very clear words to stay out from trouble because anything naughty he does, could go against him which he can’t afford and principal is very well aware of his previous academic record. now he needs to spend whole year without creating any problem for himself or others. In the case, where he is surrounded by bullies, unpredictable circumstances and teachers who don’t like him. He has to fight his enemies, make a good impression on his teachers, and flatter cute girls, all at once. While his mother is away for a honeymoon with her new husband, jimmy seems to be stuck alone with all this new atmosphere and people around him and he needs to be good.

But, one thing that goes in his favor is that he gets befriended with two people soon after the meeting with principal. One of them is a fresher just like him and the other one is senior student who knows this school very well. He tells him about the different categories they usually define the students as Bullies, nerds, greasers, jocks and preppies. Now he needs to be careful and stand up against all those bullies with the help of his friends.

This game is packed with awesome riddles, exciting mini-games, and mind-blowing adventures. With the perks of amazing graphics, mesmerizing shadows and views, and realistic sounds and backgrounds.

What are the Special Features of Bully Anniversary Edition apk?

Bully app anniversary edition has taken care of everything that has been missing in Bully scholarship edition. Things that people criticized about, for Bully scholarship edition, they got the all covered with some outstanding additional features.

Bully anniversary edition is one of the best available games for teens because it is a very mild and comforting game, created in the pure school atmosphere. No matter, if the school is known to be the worst possible school of the town.

This game lets player takes his own wise decisions. When to pull a prank, when to pull a leg for some little guy and when to stand up for him against other bullies. Jimmy Hopkins being a much sensible boy after coming to this school, he knows that spending a whole year in this school won’t be easy. With all those bullies, jocks around him. He needs to beat them off. He needs to take care of the teachers because it looks like they don’t see anything going on around the campus. They shut their eyes and plug their ears, letting kids do whatever they want to do. This is what makes the school so tough because you have to survive them on your own.

It’s not just a game that revolves around fighting and all. It has many humorous things to gain actual fun while playing this game. Like mini games, that are sometimes based on school and class projects like competition between students about dissecting a frog, who does this better or competition of solving math problems and English spellings assignments. Not just this, mini games also include adventures from outside like helping a flying squirrel to destroy her enemies with his ultimate weapon, nutshells of course.

This game isn’t about violence and sexual activities at all, like people say or have been told. This game has a touch of everything that a teen might ask for while playing a game. There is love in it, and just like normal teens, jimmy has to work on hi relationships, how is he going to win or lose his love. It’s about how he survives a whole year in a worst boarding school of the year. It’s about whether he chooses to be hero or villain in several challenges given to him.

This is what this game is all about. If you feel like all of this happens to you in real life, you might not find solutions to your problems in this game but this game could definitely humor you and relax you while you are tires from all this high-school stuff.

Bully app is full of adventure, fun and challenges. Player will enjoy navigating in town full of surprises and scenic views all around. Bully app apk: Anniversary edition has successfully introduced many new features that makes Bully different than other apps. Enhanced lightening, better sounds and background music, better scenes, High definition graphics and what not. Some of those additional features are listed below:

Story Maker

Best thing about his app is that it’s not just some fight-centric game that is full of violence and aggression. This game builds a whole story to navigate around the town. It revolves around a normal person, how he lives and how he handles things. The gameplay, story and plot of the game is outstanding for everyone to coupe with it.

Physical Controllers

Anniversary edition of bully comes up with a physical controller support, this is what makes a game more fun and easy to play. It is kind of a necessary and exciting upgrade which allows players to navigate through physical controllers.

Specific Software

They have provided specific, compatible, and user-friendly software for android users so they don’t find any trouble while playing the game.

High Resolution

You get high-resolution support from the original creators of the game. Vibrant colors, dynamic color approach, different shadowy effects, and high definition dynamic resolution, what else could one demand while playing a game.

Multiplayer Support

Another catchy thing about this game is that you can play it with a multiplayer option. You can invite and challenge your friends to play with you. You can even play it while roaming around. It’s a perfect game to play on a go when you are bored. Multiplayer works as turn by turn. Like if you are playing with your friends, you need to wait for your turn, but no need to sit uselessly. You can do what you want and when it is your turn, you will get notified. So no need to hustle.

Perfect Sounds

You are going to experience the best background, musical, and game sound effects while playing Bully. Intense background music in violent portions of the game will give you goosebumps, while love effects will make you fall in love with the first cute girl you see.

Amazing items to be Unlocked

Things and specs you didn’t get to try in the scholarship edition of Bully, can all be utilized and to be unlocked in this very edition of Bully. You will be amazed to see what’s coming for you when you succeed in those adventurous, playful mini-games.

After reading the whole thing about Bully Anniversary edition apk, you better be convinced to try this app, because you are not going to find all of this together in one place elsewhere. But if you are still confused, you could keep reading and we’ll make sure you get answers to all of your questions.

How to download Bully apk and install it in your mobile?

Bully apk is not a long and tiring process so that you give up at the end and never think about downloading it again. This game has taken care of everything to entertain their customers and players in a best possible way. They make everything available on their website to make it easy for players to download the apk. The APK is a bunch of raw files of the games which are not difficult to handle but downloading procedure could be a little different than other apps. Don’t worry, we are here to assist you. Though you are going to find everything on the website, just follow simple steps and it’s on.

Bully Anniversary edition is best app comes with apk, built by Rockstar games. they have created multiple famous games like GTA so you must know that if it was a hard process to download apk then GTA wouldn’t be that famous.

Developing the game with apk or MOD files means that a game comes with a lot of fun and interesting facts to be uncovered. You can easily download Bully Anniversary edition apk Mod on your Android device, and if you face any problem at all, we got you covered.

You can easily get an apk for your Android Bully Anniversary edition. We will let you know how to make it work on your Android device.

Let us take a few simple steps to make downloading Bully on your Android devices easier for you.

01. Download it on your phone first of all. You have to know that handling APK or MOD files is little different or you can say little difficult because they are raw files from the app that can be handled directly.

02. Then, you need to allow and allow third-party access to unknown resources on your mobile phone. This is really easy; you just have to allow Menu>Settings>Security to activate/authorize unknown resources from your mobile phone.

03. You just need to go to your file manager and browse your Bully apk or simply find it in your download folder.

04. When you have clicked on the icon, the installation will start immediately, like any other app. You just have to agree on the terms and press ‘yes’ and this is done by yourself. Then click on the Bully apk icon in your home screen to go.

Bully App Game Version

The bully app has a very exciting history when it comes to the multiple versions and upgraded editions of the game. The bully game when initially released was criticized by people to have violence, sexual content, not good enough for kids to play, and not a good content for young kids. But then when they re-mastered it and brought up the upgraded versions in the form of scholarship edition and anniversary edition, they tried not to give people another reason to go against Bully. So they improvised the game in way that everyone loves.

Let’s introduce you to the original version of the bully, how it was and how they improved and upgraded:

BullyBully: Scholarship EditionBully: Anniversary Edition
Bully was originally made by Rockstar Vancouver in PAL region and was released by Rockstar Games, an attempt to make an outstanding action and adventure game.The updated subtitle version of the Bully,known as Scholarship version was developed in 2008 on 4th March.On completion of 10 years to this amazing app, they celebrated and entertained their customers with the Bully Anniversary edition as a gift. That is exactly why the latest version of Bully is known as the anniversary version, it was released in 2016. They build up their upgraded version for smart devices like Android phones and iOS.
It was first released in 2006 on 17th of October and it was built for play station 2.This remastered version of Bully was build for Xbox 360 and wii by Mad Doc Software.War Drum Studios was the one who got such great opportunity to come up with the upgraded version with enhanced quality, graphics and sounds.
The original version was criticized by people and didn’t win enough hearts so they worked on it and provided better version.Scholarship edition got a lot of positive reviews due to better quality and graphics.Bully anniversary edition covered up all things that were missing in previous editions of the game. Along with High resolution, packed with fun and adventurous mini-games, gorgeous graphics, it also includes the facility of physical controllers and entertain iPhone users with tactic engine support specific for apple.

Most Common 5 FAQs and Answers Related to Bully apk

There might be some questions you wanted to ask before you install and download it on your Android phone. Let’s get you answers for them:

01. What is Bully app?

It’s a game revolves around the character named Jimmy Hopkins and its new boarding school, friends and bullies. It’s about how he treats and handles everything.

02. How to install apk files for Bully?

You just need to download the apk from the website of the game and find the downloaded apk in your mobile.
You can simply go to your file manager, then SD card and you will find your desired file in the download folder.
Click on the file and it will ask you to install it, just press Yes and it will complete the installation process by itself.
Nothing else to do, go to your home screen, find the Bully icon and get, set, go.

03. What is the difference between Bully scholarship edition and Bully Anniversary edition?

Bully scholarship was actually released for xbox 360. And it late upgraded to Anniversary edition, which was mobile compatible, with new eight missions, more unlocked items, additional features like better graphics, new mini games and new characters.

04. Can you play Bully on your mobile?

Of course, Bully Anniversary edition is compatible for all smart devices including Android and iOS. You can easily download apk and install it on your mobile.

05. Why should you play Bully?

Because this game is nothing like other violent, fight-centric games. It’s not about some fantasy. This game is based in open world and belongs to real problems mostly teen boys and girls face during their highs schools. This game is a must try for everyone who wants to play games for relaxation and not just violence.

Our Verdict:

Bully Anniversary Edition Apk is a perfect action-adventure game, packed with all joy, challenges, beautiful views, spectacular lighting, and much more. You would have learned about everything you wanted to know, only if you have read the complete review. But we should make it clear to you that once you install this game and start playing it, you are never going to stop. We bet that you will not be able to get rid of it soon, after having a look at all those exciting puzzles and mini-games, you will only want to explore more. You can thank us later!

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