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Celtx: Best Celtx Writing Software Free Download and Review

Celtx Free Screenwriting Software

Installation Process

Celtx is a free writing software designed especially for scriptwriters who work in the film and television industries. Here the user needs to login into the software and can start using rather than downloading and installing like in many writing software.

Basic Features

Celtx allows users for online collaboration. This helps the writing teams to work remotely and even with others as they can perform all their work from one document. This further allows all the members of the writing team to edit and view the content online.

This enhances the quality of the work immensely as the users can have their say at any time. Here index cards are used to start the work and the users of the team can share images and add notes while working.

Celtx allows the users to add a wide range of information for the highlighted set of words. This software provides an application for mobile phones as well. This will help users to monitor their work on the go.

This software updates the software frequently to enhance the quality and to keep the software more useful for writers.

Special Feature

Can we use this software offline? Yes, you can. Celtx provides the opportunity to edit and view documents offline to its users.

The “offline” option needs to be activated before leaving the internet connection and the users of the team can access the offline document by selecting the “offline” option under the “file” dropdown menu.

This is one of the most important features as it allows users to concentrate on the work every time.

Latest Improvements

Celtx has allowed exporting call sheets into sheets through their latest update. This has allowed the users to have control of formatting too.


The software only allows you to switch to “offline” while online. So a sudden internet connection failure will not let you switch and do your work offline. So this is identified as one of the main limitations of Celtx.

We all think that all of you have gained sufficient information about Celtx here. Are you interested in finding more about free writing software? Then without wasting any more time, visit on the top link.

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