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Contabo: 3.99 EUR Hosting Company Review

Contabo Hosting Company Review

Contabo is a well-known professional hosting company that has been a useful tool for both experts and beginners for business or private applications. It covers the needs of the hosting requirements of its clients. It was set up in 2003 for webspace packages and dedicated servers. However, it did not have any distinction as many other companies possessed similar services. With time, it was reinforced such that it started with one sever and increased it to 5000.

A new data center was launched in Munich in 2009. In 2013, its name was changed from “Giga-International” to Contabo that proved to be a bit shorter and attractive.

A second data center in Nuremberg in 2014 has also been launched in order to meet the demands of hosting servers. Centers are managed by its IT professionals team every single day of the year without any holiday.

Services, Products and Technical Information of the Contabo

The hosting service of Contabo is very reliable. Most prominently, the goal of Contabo is to provide an attractive webspace package and cutting servers at an affordable price and unique approach. In short, it is the best service at a very affordable price.

Contabo has provided many avenues of communication for users to contact quickly and effectively. Contabo has a top value as it places customer’s ease, good support, and effective communication as its top priority.

There is no compromise on the quality of service. A major factor in the efficiency and security of their systems is the choice of hardware.

With other providers price considerations sometimes take an example, that means they depend on products that may not be suitable for servers.  Their servers are always of high quality, efficacy, and relatively expensive components.

Cheaper Prices and Benefit of the Contabo Hosting

As its hardware always meets high-quality standards, therefore, they rely mostly, for example, on RAM manufactured by Samsung or Kingston. Samsung and Kingston are well known for their high-quality and error-free output.

Contabo takes deliberate care to ensure that they meet their customers’ particular requirements. Custom-made solutions are not always compatible for all. That complex range of server applications often needs a wide range of configurations and priorities in terms of hardware.

Contabo gives its clients a full month discount with the order of many dedicated servers, and sometimes free for one month. It provides cheap hosting services: Webspace Package M, Only 2.99 EUR per month, Webspace Package L, Only 4.99 EUR per month, Webspace Package XL, Only 7.99 EUR per month, and Webspace Package XXL.Only 9.99 EUR per month.

The VPS 1400 is our most powerful HDD+SSD boost VPS. No matter if it is dozens of SQL queries per second, tens of thousands of homepage visitors per day, or the calculation of complex 3D structures – One can rarely find a way to bring this high-end VPS down to any kind of failure.

The things to remember!

In short, Contabo is one of the finest services in terms of web hosting, servers, domains, and VPS. It was built gradually, and for the purpose to serve its buyers at affordable prices.

Sometimes, it provides free services to people so they could benefit from the efficiency of Contabo. Discounted prices, reliable service, quick service, and priority to the customer are the attributes of Contabo.

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