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DocPad: The Best DocPad Review and Download Free

DocPad Review and Download

Installation Process of DocPad

DocPad is free writing software and an advanced notepad that can be used for writing. As in many other user-friendly free writing software, the users can start writing just after the installation.

Basic Features

The “Tabbed document interface” option here allows the users to open several files and edit them in one place. The users can also use the “search and replace” option to support their work.

DocPad keeps track of the number of words and paragraphs of the work and this allows writers to continue their work without much distraction. This software also includes a spell checker option in English and Spanish languages. This further keeps a backup of every saved file too.

Special Features

DocPad allows the users to undo up to 100 changes. Isn’t that great? Apart from that, it has tools like a calendar and a calculator too. So it keeps the writer using the software at all times as there is no need to look for other options like calculations. This also alphabetizes the paragraphs correctly and just eases the pressure of the writer.

Formats Supported

DocPad has the ability to import HTML files and convert them to the TXT type. This supports LOG, BAT, and INI files too.


Many users are experiencing major difficulties when using DocPad. Do you know that or want to know the same? This software cannot use extra features at the same time. Users can only use one tool at a time. This affects the time and quality of the work of the writers. Therefore it is regarded as one of the main limitations of this software.

So you all have got to know that DocPad is a much more advanced software than a normal notepad in windows. Are you interested in finding more news about free writing software? Simple visit, then here is the chance my friend.

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