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FocusWriter: How to Setup and Download for Mac, Windows, and Android

FocusWriter Mac Download

How to Setup and Installation Process

Are you searching for simple free writing software with no complex features? Then FocusWriter is the perfect match for you. Here the user does not need to think about the installation process either. You can simply open the software and start your work.

There is a tool that you can use to replace the words. Here the user can simply search a word and replace it. Do you want to create your themes for your writing? FocusWriter allows you to choose and apply the themes that suit your work. 

Basic Features in FocusWriter

Can writing software track your work? Yes of course. Here the users can set the targeted number of words and set a time to track their progress for a day.

The “Basic file information” option allows you to take a look at your targets. The “Autosave” option is another option that you can use in this software.

The users can access this from the “preferences” menu. Both these options of this software help the writers to concentrate on their writing without much distraction.

Special Features of FocusWriter

FocusWriter supports TXT, basic ODT, and basic RTF file types. So the users can work with these files to create content. On the other hand, the users can also have a PDF copy from the print option.

Formats Supported

German, Korean and Friulian languages have been added to the translation list. This makes the software popular among a larger crowd too from various parts of the world. The latest enhancement has also fixed the loading issue of underscores with locales.

Latest Improvements and Bug Fixes

The inability to add images and tables for the text and the absence of a spell checker are the main limitations of this software as both these features add value for the work.


So we have given you a quick overview of FocusWriter and hope all you have benefited out of it. Are you interested in finding more facts on free writing software? Then hurry up and visit our other articles here.

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