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Hetzner Review: One of Most Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting Company

Hetzner Review

Hetzner Online is an Internet hosting corporation and data center operator based in Gunzenhausen, Germany. It should not be complicated with its earlier South African namesake and partner company kneels — the two are separate companies registered and incorporated in their rights under the appropriate country laws. Hetzner Online is a licensed web hosting provider and endured a data center operator.

Since 1997 the company has presented private and business clients with high-performance hosting outputs as well as the necessary foundation for the efficient operation of websites.

A blend of stable technology, handsome pricing, and flexible support and services has qualified Hetzner Online to continuously strengthen its marketplace both nationally and internationally. The company owns several data stations in Germany and Finland.

Hetzner Online always aims to enhance our products’ price-to-performance ratios. By partnering with well-known tools and software manufacturers, we ensure that our outcomes have the highest level of excellence. Customers can reach our conditional data center practitioners 24/7.

Prices and Benefit of the Hetzner Cloud VPS Hosting Company

1.90 € monthly incl. 19 % VAT4.90 € monthly incl. 19 % VAT9.90 € monthly incl. 19 % VAT19.90 € monthly incl. 19 % VAT
once-off setup:
9.90 €
once-off setup:
4.90 €
once-off setup:
4.90 €
once-off setup:
0.00 €
Hetzner Cloud Server Prices

The new Hetzner Cloud outputs won gold at the Hosting & Co-operation Provider Awards. Several thousand users helped to choose the winner in a survey posted on different IT portals.

You can navigate and operate your Hetzner Cloud quickly and easily with our interface. It’s speedy – so you don’t experience from long loading times, and its automatic, user-friendly design makes it a comfort to use for your team projects.

The ISO 27001 certificate, a universally recognized standard for information security, verifies that Hetzner Online GmbH and Hetzner Finland Oy have established and implemented a relevant information protection management system (ISMS).

The scope of Hetzner’s certified ISMS includes the infrastructure, service, and customer help of the data center parks in all three locations: Nuremberg, Falkenstein, and Helsinki. FOX Certification, a third-party certification professional, performed the audits and formally awarded the certificates.

Hosting & Service Provider Awards 2019: “Platinum” for Hetzner OnlineTwenty-thousand characters engaged in this year’s Vogel IT-Medien’s reader’s pick awards.

They chose Hetzner Online as their favorite for the “Webhosting” level. Therefore, Hetzner Online was able to take homeward the first place “Platinum” prize at the Hosting & Co-operation Provider Awards.

The things to remember!

Hetzner Online Wins Reader’s Choice Hosting Award: The Reader’s Choice Hosting prize is presented to contestants in ten various categories and is based on the outcomes of a survey conveyed on the readers of the tech magazine IT-Business and several additional web portals.

More than 6,700 people competed in the survey, and they chose Hetzner Online for the first-place qualification. People are doing incredible social work in many enterprises, clubs, institutions, and other companies.

They earn their support and attention. Together, they can accomplish even the most ambitious aims. That’s why we produce short-term and long-term maintenance to a variety of designs from a wide spectrum of areas.

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