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Story Touch: Download Software for Writing and Analyzing Scripts

Story Touch Free Download

Installation Process

Story touch is free writing software created especially for screenwriters. To install Story touch, you need to update java to 64 bits.

Basic Features

Story touch allows you to write your work without any distraction due to its user-friendly formatting styles. This further allows you to organize our work and the software itself organizes the work for you. Isn’t it great? This software automatically displays the emotions of your writing and this helps you to structure and organize your work even better. This software also allows the users to work according to the tone and rhythm of the script.

Tone – Dark and light

Rhythm – Slow and fast

The users also have the option to view by page and by time. This feature makes the software even more useful and helpful for users.

Special Features

Here graphs and color pallets provide an X-ray of your script. The “Screenplay analyzer” option allows the users to print reports according to your requirement.

Many screenwriters use this software as this provides you with many user-friendly options. So are you interested to find more information about freewriting software? You can simply visit here.

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