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Ulysses App Review: Best Free App for iOS and Free Download

Ulysses App

Installation Process

This application is for IOS users. This is a user-friendly writing application where you can customize according to your requirement. You can simply install this from the “IOS Store” and start writing.

Basic Features of Ulysses App

The writing interface here is designed according to the latest OS “X” concept and this creates a distraction-free writing environment for writers. Ulysses also provides many features like adding images, links, and footnotes too. Specially built “Ulysses Style Exchange” allows you to choose or download themes relevant for your writing.

This adds more value to your work. “Typewriter” mode here allows you to keep the text where you need and lets you write freely. Can a writing application filter what you need? Yes, Ulysses allows you to filter whatever you want and especially keywords.

This app also keeps a backup of your work and auto-saves your work too. Ulysses also helps the users to track their work by setting word limits and characters. This will enhance the productivity of the work too.

Special Features

The users are given the facility to work without the mouse using this application. Here you can “Ulysses keyboard” to do all the functions and this enables writers to concentrate more on writing as there are fewer distractions. The users can also attach PDFs, notes, and other images to their work to make it more interesting.

Latest Improvements

The latest “split view editor” here allows you to research your work while writing and also helps you to translate documents too.

You can easily convert your files to TXT, PDF, e-books, and HTML using this software. You can also publish your work directly to WordPress using this application too. 

So we have bought you some of the basic information about Ulysses. Are you interested to find more information about free writing software? Why wait for more? Simply visit on the blu cooler.

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