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yWriter: Best yWriter Writing Software Review and Download to your devices

yWriter Review and Download

Hot Setup and Installation Process

Are you still searching for software that provides you with the opportunity of writing long articles and novels in one place? Then here is the solution for you. The installation process here is very easy as the user can start their work immediately after installing it.

yWriter allows you to write and keep long writing projects such as novels in one place. This helps you to divide big projects into small chapters and allows the users to write under that. This helps the writers to organize their work much better. Further, this also allows us to keep separate notes of characters, scenes, and other important areas of the work too.

Basic Features of yWriter

On the other hand, yWriter keeps a record of the number of words of the whole project and other chapters separately. This allows the users to keep track of their work and concentrate more on their writing. 

Special Features of yWriter

yWriter allows you to hear what you write. The text-to-speech converter does this. This helps users to organize and create their work even better. Are you looking for software that gets updated frequently with new features? Then this is perfect for you. In addition to that, the auto-check feature notifies the users when there are new updates.

Formats Supported

yWriter allows you to export your work to RTF, PDF, and HTML. It also allows the users to export their work to e-books with the help of another application, Calibre.

Latest Improvements

Following are some of the main improvements of the latest update of yWriter

  • Automatically capitalizes the first letter of a new sentence.
  • Addition of “search for duplicate words” under the custom search section.
  • New error recovery option for unsaved files
  • Addition of a typing speed tool 


A plain interface with just basic and limited editing options can be identified as one of the main limitations of this software as many modern users are looking for those when choosing a writing software.

I hope that all of you have obtained an overview of yWriter software. Therefore just visit here if you are interested in finding more information about free writing software.

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